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By Marie3atha on July 6, 2010 In Business

The question on everyone’s mind is “How To Use Twitter as a marketing tool?” Here are four easy steps that you can apply right now to get you using Twitter as a marketing tool.

You’ll find that Twitter marketing is a tool that will allow you to find new markets and opportunities that you never thought were possible through traditional media.

Think of Twitter as a never-ending cocktail party. Most people at the party are having interesting conversations where people end up talking about everything in very short, easy to digest segments that ultimately promote a lot of free-flowing discussion. This is what makes Twitter as a perfect marketing tool so powerful.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool is powerful because its allows for open conversations where you can actually engage your market; to talk about your business, about what problems people have and the solutions you can offer. But people won’t know that you have these solutions until they find or notice you.

You see, your problem is not how to find your target market; rather, how to make your target market find you, and you can get them to find you when you use Twitter as an effective marketing tool.

Twitter As a Marketing Tool: The Four Tactical and Practical Steps

People just have to find you on Twitter and for this to happen, you only have to follow the following simple steps:

1. Identify the problem. Focus on what your product is all about. Make a list of all the problems and issues that your product or service can solve.

2. Identify the keywords. Think of the keywords that people would be typing in order to lead them to the solution.

3. Search Twitter. This is the part where Twitter as a powerful marketing tool starts. Do a search on Twitter for the keywords that relate to the identified problems and the search engine will yield a myriad; in fact, a sea of people engaged in conversations about the problem.

4. Engage others and send them links. Once you identify your target market, follow them and send them messages on what you think about their problems. Respond to the issues with good resources and sound advice by sending out links to great contents which can be your blog posts, videos, simple information articles and other contents that address the issues. This will position you as an expert and authority in the field and will make people seek you.

See how simple it is? You can actually explore so many possibilities; there’s no better, more affordable and so-easy-to-do strategy than Twitter as the ultimate marketing tool.

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