3 Great Tips to Improve Your Ski and Snowboard Fun

By HarrisKevinnator on January 20, 2011 In Recreation and Sports

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You can only learn so much in books and online, whether you’re new to skiing and snowboarding or a seasoned skier. There’s really nothing that can replace excellent experience as long as you can walk away from it in one piece. You need to understand that the slopes and back country can be very unforgiving. In this article, we’re going to bring you three sound ski/snowboarding tips that will help you refine your sport just a little bit more.

You need to practice reading your route by looking for tell-tale signs of past events. We’ve all read and heard the stories on the news whenever a huge avalanche occurs. They can be devastating and unforgiving, as you’ve heard from the stories. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the much smaller avalanches can kill you just as easily as the big ones. Reading your routes is really about experience than anything else. It’s also not the easiest skill to acquire either, but it’s not something you should ignore at all. What you need to do is study the often hard to detect variations in the terrain. This will allow you to spot potential hazards as well as recognize signs of past damage.

Seriously consider wearing a high quality snowboard wrist guard. You might understand this if you’re just a beginner but snowboarders are quite apt to break their wrists; it happens more frequently than you would think. When you think about it, then it really makes a lot of sense because when you fall forward it’s a totally natural reaction to extend your arms to brace for the impact. You are also able to modify your falling style by learning how to use your knees (which will be encased in kneepads), your forearms and putting your hands into fists in an attempt to break your fall.

If you have never heard of impact shorts for snowboarders, your world is going to change right now because these can save you from enduring terrible tailbone injuries. These are padded in the rear and hip areas and can keep you from getting terribly bruised. Don’t worry: you won’t be the only one wearing them, all of the smart and experienced riders wear them too. It’s just that, for example, if you bruise your tailbone, you’ll be on the sidelines for months, perhaps. No kidding, this is a very bad injury to get and wearing impact shorts can cut down on the likelihood of it happening to you.

We know that it’s impossible to prevent all injuries when we go skiing or snowboarding. Just like all of the other sports, these have inherent injuries that are associated with them.

Most of the time it simply depends on whether you are riding or skiing. Going out into the back country requires you to take extra precautions for all of the obvious reasons. If something happens you won’t have help nearby. Going out boarding or skiing alone (which is absolutely not recommended) is not a good idea as it invites extreme risks. It is important that, if you do this, you plan out where you want to go and what you will do ahead of time.

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