An Insight into Spreadex and what they Offer : Review

By karlvcohen on January 21, 2011 In Currency Trading

Spreadex is very well known for its experienced, knowledgeable and extremely friendly dealers, its also one of the longest-running financial spread betting providers which was set up in 1999.

The a bespoke telephone dealing service is offered by Spreadex as the company in the financial spread betting industry. They also offer internet dealing but in addition they also allow you to make trades by calling a dealing.In case of down trading platform or you being away from trading this is really helpful. I’ve not found many negative comments about Spreadex which generally means that most traders and investors are satisfied with the service received. The products and range of markets they offer is good and the size of the bid-offer spreads are competitive and generally speaking are about the industry average (nothing impressive there).They have competitive size of the bid-offer along with good product and market range which is up to the average of the industry. They quote most companies with market caps of one million or above and offer competitive margin requirements.In fact, Spreadex is regarded as one of the few companies that still offers significant amount of leverage for spread traders.

One is forced to consider Spreadex due to its trading platform which is quite easy to learn and use along with its decent spread makes.The only fault is that it is unable to place a stop loss when you have already set an order. You have to open a position so as to set the limit and also the stop. On the other hand, some people may find it confusing that the system would not immediately close the positions when stop losses are triggered. It takes a bit of time before the real positions are actually take off the open positions page which might have some spread traders thinking that the position is still open when this isn’t the case.

The prices will include the spread when the bids or offer price hit a specific level at Spreadex at the limit orders and the stops.As per your wish the same contract can be bought many a times. To go short you need to open a contract with an expiry date different from previous ones. Otherwise, it would close out some of the longs instead of opening the short position for you.

On the short positions people are not charged if the interest rates are below the LIBOR.Under the platform of Spreadex few traders and investors are attracted towards this.

Because of its helpful and friendly staff,Spreadex is worth considering for spread trading. The service is reliable and although you may find that the platform needs some polishing in some areas, it offers most of the basic features you need to trade.

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