An introduction to Perfume!

By HugoLins on January 22, 2011 In Beauty

There’s a sweet scent in the air. Alluring, and charming. This scent makes you turn your head and look at the beautiful young lady drifting past you. The scent follows behind her. Perfume, It’s been following the human race around for centuries but where did it all start? How did it all start? And where did it get its name? Have you ever thought about how perfume came to evolve into the sweet mystifying fragrances we have around us now? It’s an exceptional story so pay attention to the Introduction of perfume.

The word ‘Perfume’ is a fusion of two Latin words and it started out like this before it took on a French touch. Dividing the word up ‘Per’ means ‘through’ and ‘fumus’ means ‘smoke’. So perfume would mean through the smoke. Rather an unusual word wouldn’t you say? Perfume wasn’t always a body spray. It started out a stick of incense thus the Latin meaning. We have the ancient Egyptian culture, the Mesopotamians, to thank for their discovery of incense which they used in all of their religious rituals. The very bare roots of what perfume has become in this day and age. The Mesopotamians used natural floral and plant resin and mixed this with water. They soaked wood in these mixtures and so their smudge sticks were ready for use in their ceremonies. They also used this water mixture to embalm their dead before they were placed in their tombs.

It took some time though for Incense to be turned into a perfume. It also took the interest and obsession of a certain Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, to get Perfume to bloom on the skin of every Greek and Egyptian individual. She would lavishly place it on her body perfuming every single part of her form and making it a widely known ritual before and after baths. It was said that Cleopatra’s arrival into any area was first announced with clouds of perfume before she was seen. Many Egyptian queens surrounded themselves with Perfumes. In fact, it was common place to do.

From Rome it travelled all across Italy and Greece and one day arrived in the western world. For example, in France, the French adored the habit of perfumed gloves. Even the king’s court was called ‘the Perfume Court’. Even the great Napoleon followed in the footsteps of the many Egyptian queens in search of . yes, perfume from all around the world. So it’s no wonder that the fragrant water is still held in high esteem now. Celebrities have their own makes and own tastes. It’s always been used in a seductive way as a means of attraction. With so many types around it’s near impossible not to find your very own signature scent in the perfume industry. It’s part of the world’s history. It’s part of who we are.

Find your signature and wear it with pride!

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