Are Skin tags and Warts infectious? How to remove Skin Tags?

By gorskicar on January 21, 2011 In Health and Beauty

No. There is not mighty evidence to suggest that common skin tags are infectious. Most likely, people do not catch them from anyone and do not transmit them to anyone.
While warts are caused by a virus called HPV and are known to be very contagious, most skin tags are not thought to be caused by HPV. A small study showed that some skin tags may be associated with a virus infection.Warts can be caused by transferring the virus from man to man, and may be found in several different places on the same person because the virus transfers from one place to another on the skin. This form of transmission is called authoinoculation. Warts often disappear spontaneously. The immune mechanism that leads to the withdrawal of the warts is not known, but it is known that in patients where the immune system is weakened due to the transplantation of organs or other infections, generalized skin lesions caused by HPVcan appear. Also, in certain professions, such as workers in the meat processing industry, for example, often have warts due to direct contact with fresh meat of animals that were infected with the HPV virus. The appearance of warts is present in athletes who have contact with water in indoor pools (water polo, swimming, etc.), because the virus transfers in the water – Inoculation.
There are several effective medical ways to remove skin tags, including surgical removal (aplanation) freezing liquid oxygen and burning (the use of medical electrical cauter).
There are also home remedies and self-treatments, including tying a small fraction skin tags with silk or dental thread and leave it tied for a few days.

Does Altsberglotion removes skin tags ?

We have already noted that skin tags are sometimes associated with human papilloma virus, HPV. Altsberglotion as a strong keratolitic will show excellent results of the treatment and skin tags removal if:

* moles they are skin tag, not moles (epidermal and dermal NEVUS), moles of combined neural and connective tissue (neurofibroma). The best solution is to consult a doctor who would diagnose you the exact type of growths and possible causes of their emergence.
* If you have skin tags caused by human papilloma virus HPV, then the treatment with Altsberglotion balm is extremely effective.