Backlink Building Method – 5 Uncomplicated Rules For Building Backlinks

By anjingu10 on January 21, 2011 In Internet and Online Business

Devoid of a viable backlink building strategy, your Internet marketing efforts is going to be vain.

You might build essentially the most professional-looking website inside the planet, with tons of fancy graphics, plenty of content, plus a plethora of interactive functions.

But should you do not have a rock-solid backlink building technique in spot for your website, it will by no means be discovered on the Internet.

The Holy Grail of Internet marketing is for the website to show up in the top 3 search results for a certain keyword in Google. It’s all about place, location, location! If your website does not show up in Google’s top 3 search results, you can probably by no means be found.

Sure, you may get trickles of traffic here and there from article directories and blogs that may have syndicated your content material, or from persons who have the patience to in fact bother clicking past page one of the Google search results.

But this traffic might be nowhere near enough to produce a sustainable source of traffic that can be converted into sales.

You may possibly, at best, get 1 or two sales conversions per month, or perhaps only several dollars per month from pay-per-click advertising.

But let’s face it. We’re in this business to make significant cash, right? You spent countless hours building your website or weblog. You expect to be able to earn several hundred, if not many thousands of dollars per month in passive income from your web-site.

Following an effective backlink building method can drive thousands of visitors to your website per month, resulting in increased conversions, which in turn, yields increased cash flow for you personally.

What are the elements of an effective backlink building method? Here are 5 rules to obtain you started:

1. Develop as numerous one-way, in-bound links to your website from relevant websites that have high Google Page Rank, as you’ll be able to. Depending on your competitors, you may need to have as handful of as 10 backlinks to as a lot of as 10,000.
2. Build your backlinks using HTML anchor text that contains the keywords and phrases you wish your web-site to rank for.
3. Assure that the landing page your backlinks link to are optimized for the keyword you wish your website to rank for. If the main page of one’s website cannot be optimized for that keyword, then produce a separate webpage inside your website and load it with content which is optimized for that keyword.
4. Backlinks can are available in the type of articles, weblog posts, forum posts, social bookmarks, and RSS feeds. Use a range of every single.
5. Prevent posting duplicate content to various article directories. Write distinctive articles for distinctive article directories. Better yet, discover the best way to spin your existing articles to generate special content material.
6. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is adequate to give a gist of probably the most widespread techniques you must incorporate into your backlink building technique should you would like to get your website or weblog ranked highly in Google.

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