Beans, Beans, Magical Beans

By jonleung8 on January 20, 2011 In Health and Beauty

If you’re looking for a low fat, protein rich addition to a meal, look no further. Beans, in all their varieties, provide a delicious, low cost alternative to meat and work beautifully as a side dish. More than that though, beans are highly nutritious
, being packed with dietary fibre, protein and antioxidants.

Black beans are one of the best varieties when it comes to nutrient dense foods. Black beans, actually help to lower cholesterol because of their high fibre content. Black beans are also a great choice for people suffering from Diabetes as they help to keep sugar levels stable. After a meal containing black beans, blood sugar levels are kept from spiking too high. Adding black beans to your meal is therefore a great way to deal with hypoglycaemia and insulin resistance.

Combining beans with rice, an old money saving staple, does more than just save your pocketbook however. This meal is a simple and expedient way to get an almost fat-free, protein dense meal. Researchers have increasingly pointed to just how rich bean varieties are in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to destroy free radicals which are associated with cellular damage, chronic disease and aging.

Black beans have been found to have the highest levels of bioflavanoids gram for gram. Other beans rich in antioxidants include, red beans, brown beans, yellow beans, and white beans, in descending order.

As a great source of fibre, beans can also help with gastro-intestinal problems. Although beans are known for their flatulent effects, fibre is essential to maintaining a clean colon, intestines and bowel.

Finally, because beans are filling and full of protein they work well as an alternative to traditional meat dishes. Loading up the beans in your next burrito or homemade chilli in lieu of ground beef will give you give you more bang for your buck. Most importantly, beans are much lower in fat and have a much lighter environmental impact than beef. Given all this, there is simply no reason not to add some beans to your next meal. You’ll be healthier, wealthier and save the planet a whole lot of grief by making this simple substitution.

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