Belleville Boots Introduces New Gore Tex Models for 2011

By AnjitEuveseus on January 22, 2011 In Arts and Entertainment

Online vendor, is proud to publicize the addition of the Tactical Research Combat Boot Line by Belleville Boots. This leading-edge boot lineup was designed for Police officers, public security, and the U.S. Armed Forces by the same footwear designers that have designed Belleville’s globally-known combat boots. The Tactical Research Line uses many of the design traits that maintains Belleville’s distinction for being one of the most technological and highest quality combat footwear companies in the world.

Tactical Research offers three main boot designs: the Paladin, the Kiowa, and the Khyber. The very modern, simplistic appearance of all three boot variations immediately gives this footwear lineup a “tactical feel” where stealth and swiftness come to mind. Each of the three Tactical Research models offer design features that are specific to a particular mission or use. However, common to all three models is Belleville’s famous TR-1 high performance insole that employs several state-of-the-art anatomical capabilities. The precision molded insole features a deeply contoured heel cup that stabilizes the heel and prevents friction, an extended orthopedic support that corrects overpronation of the arch, and a honeycomb forefoot design to maximize cooling underneath the foot. Field testers have given the patented TR-1 insole high marks in extended wear and high activity scenarios. All Tactical Research Boots are 8 inches, satisfying height requirements of the U.S. Military.

The Paladin is a lightweight safety toe tactical boot intended for environments involving electrical and/or toe hazards such as a flight line or power plant. The Paladin is available in desert tan and sage green colors, which are U.S. Air Force Air Battle Uniform (ABU) Approved. The Paladin weighs in at a mere 25.6 oz for a size 9 through a combination of superlight suede and nylon Cordura construction over a high quality injection-molded outsole.

The Kiowa is another lightweight boot designed for tactical and combat training and military duty. It features a multi-directional lug design for uneven terrain and an extra-large EVA midsole for shock attenuation. The Kiowa comes in black leather, Air Force uniform-approved sage green, and desert camo colors. This model weighs in at only 23 oz per boot, which is almost 10 oz less than the competition.

Lastly, the Tactical Research Khyber a top performing tactical boot intended for mountainous terrain. Ideal environments for this boot are loose and/or sandy mountainous terrain. It features a deeply serrated heel kicker for maintaining control and sliding on steep terrain, serrated toe bumpers for uphill climbs, and a Vibram IBEX Outsole for Rugged Terrain. All of this in a lightweight package of 24 oz per boot which makes it an ideal boot choice for long duty hours.

All Tactical Research models are produced using the newest combat boot technology and top quality materials. This new footwear line is rapidly gaining popularity as many are discovering that Tactical Research boots are truly quality products.

Charliejov Nguyen is an expert reviewer on the Belleville 300 Combat Boot