Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat The Easy Way

By DaveGreenly on January 20, 2011 In Weight Loss

What’s the best exercise to lose belly fat? That’s a kind of a trick question because although the advertisements you see in magazines and those infomercials that you on TV seem to suggest that you can can produce a great looking stomach by just targeting specific area of the body. But in reality you cannot spot reduce your body. In order to get the appearance that you probably want your need to reduce some of you weight, you have great looking stomach muscles, however at the time is covered by a layer of fat.

So in actuality although you probably envisioned some other type abdominal exercises to reduce belly fat some form of aerobic exercising. That’s because exercising aerobically is very effective when it comes to fat burning and losing weight. Slow and continuous exercise of thirty minutes or more is better and burning fat then activities that are done in short bursts.

Exercising aerobically causes the body to predominantly burn off fat as fuel. Your body initially burns carbohydrates predominantly as fuel when you begin exercising, however it’s slowly switches to using fats predominantly as fuel, thus the longer you go the more fat you burn. That’s why you see distance runners, long-distance swimmers, and bicyclists that are lean.

Aerobic exercising is just something or some physical activity that you can do continuously for twenty minutes plus. For instance, jogging slowly, bicycling for several hours, swimming for half an hour or more, using an elliptical machine, etc.

I would recommend doing something you enjoy so that you stick with the plan before doing any abdominal exercises. Lots of people also find that socializing with other fitness enthusiasts helps to make the time go faster and keeps them motivated. So the best exercise to lose belly fat would be some type of aerobic activity that you would continue to do. In order to lose your belly fat a reduction in weight is necessary.

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