Bills And What They Should Mean To You

By CharlesVienase on January 22, 2011 In Uncategorized

I’m sure we all remember those days about your dad and bills. How you dreamed of that day – take out pizza at 2 A.M., going to the movies twice a week, having the biggest cable package with all the movie and sports channels.

But now you’ve left the nest, and not only the cable and pizza guys visit your new digs so does the mail carrier. And she doesn’t just bring birthday cards from Grandma. She also brings a lot of upsetting and disappointing bills! And the bills don’t just come once then stop. Like Rocky sequels they just keep coming back. Yes, bills are a fact of life, just like death and taxes. Whether they are under control or taxing depends on how you deal with them.

Are you starting to feel hopeless as your bills pile up and your accumulated debts gain momentum, like a skier blazing downhill after hitting the first straightaway? If so, it is definitely time for you to find the steps you need to take to gain control over your bills, avoid triggering an avalanche of debt, and even have a surplus each month.

If you don’t like reheated food, “leftovers” can be a bad thing. When you’re talking about the amount of money left each month after you pay your bills, leftovers sound much more appealing! By starting good financial habits and attitudes now, you can avoid the trap of merely getting by from month to month. If you’re barely paying your bills – or worse, only paying the interest on your debts – now is the time to get a fresh perspective on your finances and be “transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2).

There actually is a way more sane way to live correctly, and this much better way comes straight out of the Bible, and it’s very practical, hands – on stuff. I highly suggest that you learn this way and implement into your life. If you’re deep in debt and riding your bills like a rodeo bull, or if you’re frustrated that you spend every penny you earn every month and have no savings to show for all your hard work, or if you simply want to learn how to be a good steward of the money God gives you and avoid the above options, welcome to the incredible new world for you called personal budgeting.

At the end of the day, if you are struggling to simply pay your bills on time, it is obviously time for you to learn about personal financing. It is a very important part of time so I believe that every person should have great knowledge about personal financing. It is not a hard subject to learn, you just have to be dedicated to actually learning about it and also put in the time and work to be successful. If you are currently struggling, I hope this article will at least open your eyes to a new world that you have yet to see. Thank you for reading!

Worrying and working with bills is definitely an extremely frustrating thing. That is why you should learn about the farmville secrets guide and how it can greatly help you have a lot of good fun. Personal finance and personal budgeting are both very hard things to think about for sure, that is why you should simply enjoy life.