Body Colon Cleansing – Clear Your Intestines And Lose Weight

By CarolBell on January 22, 2011 In Weight Loss

The body colon cleanse is popular these days. What is it and why is so critical to drive out a certain part of your intestines? Basically, you establish a lot of gunk in your system and this keeps you from slimming down. The body colon cleanse helps you shed weight by cleaning your system out.

One body colon cleanse is known as the lemonade diet. It was developed by the late Naturopath Stanley Burroughs. It comprises of fasting to rid the body of toxins, created by improper diet, absence of exercise and negative attitudes.

The body cleanse the colon will dissolve and eradicate toxins and over-crowding. It will cleanse the kidneys and intestines. It aims to purify glands and eradicate waste and hardened materials in the joints and muscles. You’ll begin to build a healthy blood stream which in turn leads to developing optimal blood pressure

Also, the body colon cleanse will help you lose weight. Most people lose about 2 pounds a day with no harmful ill effects.

The lemonade diet should be followed for exactly 10 days. During this time period, you will not eat anything and you will only drink a specially formulated lemonade. You need to drink at least 10 servings of the lemonade a day, which can be tough to control without discipline.

The recipe for the lemonade is as follows: fill a one gallon water jug with the juice of five lemons, 1 and cups of Organic Grade B maple syrup (no substitutes), 1/10 tsp. or more of cayenne pepper, and fill the remainder of the jug with purified or spring water ( avoid the use of fluoridated tap water.)

When you rise up each morning that you are on the body cleanse the colon, you should do a salt water flush. Mix two level teaspoonfuls of unionized salt from the sea with a quart of lukewarm water and mix. Drink this right away.

Then in the night-time you will want to take an herbal laxative tea which you can find in most grocery stores.

You should be prepared to need to use the restroom a lot while on the body cleanse the colon. Specifically, that means that you should be prepared to go every 15 or 20 minutes. If you’ve a job or other pursuits that will not accommodate this need, you may like to consider putting the program off until you can make use of the amenities when you need to.

You may believe that drinking only lemonade, saltwater and tea with no food for 10 days is hazardous. Well, you are on no account going to die on this diet, but you may be hungry. Surprisingly, you will probably see that you have lots of energy as the dietary plan goes on, despite the absence of food.

At the end of the body colon cleanse, you can expect to have mislaid any place from 5 to 10 pounds (this is mostly water weight and will be quickly regained if you don’t follow a reasonable eating and exercise plan), feel increased energy, have a raised desire to eat healthy foods, and feel somewhat different about life generally.

Those who make it through a body cleanse the colon are more often than not very glad that they did it.

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