Boyfriending: The Get Laid Quick Scheme

By ABuch2210 on January 22, 2011 In Dating

I am about to impart an effective means of achieving instant ease and comfort with your female prospects that I have named “Boyfriending.” These are moves that are ONLY done by boyfriends or those already in relationships with women.

These things, if you do them yourself, will earn you a speedy ticket to getting laid early on with a woman instead of having to go on several dates first.

It’s like this; a girl has to be comfortable with you first before she can consider sleeping with you. Even if she’s physically attracted to you, that would not be enough.

For example, you meet this girl at a bar. There’s an instant connection and the two of you are talking and having a blast. She’s laughing. She’s definitely hooked. You hold her attention by telling her stories and interesting events in your life. You’re both digging each other.

Around 7:30, you get hungry and invite her to get something to eat. Dinner goes well too. Then it’s the end of the meal. What happens next?

It is usually at this point where guys are unsure of how to move forward with the woman. Clearly the goal is to get laid, but the roadmap is often muddled.

Usually the night ends with the woman saying something like, “I had great time meeting you. Call me. Bye!”

It’s because the woman wants to be comfortable first before having sex with the guy. (Some are lucky and can get to sleep with the woman after the third date but some can wait for months before they get an action.)

But fear not, there is a shortcut to this destination. I call it the “Boyfriending Technique.”

Observe long time couples and watch how they interact with one another. The man and woman are extremely comfortable touching each other, so much so that they’ll even do seemingly gross things like brush sleep (“eye boogers”) out of each other’s eyes.

These are stuff done by those who are really familiar and comfortable with one another. If you can already brush out eye boogers from a girl easily, it means that there is no shyness or self-consciousness between the two of you, that you’ve passed that comfort level that you get to when you have sex with someone.

Did you get it? You can use this as a psychological weapon to make the woman feel more comfortable around you.

While you two are talking, tell her to stop and close her eyes for a moment. Act as if there’s something in her eye and pretend to brush off some eye booger.

As you two are just about to get up from your table, tell her to hold still again. Pretend that you see some bit of food and brush it off from her lower lip using your finger.

The effects of our “Boyfriending” is undeniable. First of all, it subconsciously establishes a deep comfort level between you and the woman.

Second, it involves you touching her face, bringing your heads closer together and progressing towards a make out session.

Third, in the case of you touching her lower lip, you’re in fact touching an erogenous zone. That’s right… a woman’s lower lip has a high concentration of nerve endings. Stimulating her lower lip makes her body release sex hormones.

Make the Boyfriending Technique a part of your dating arsenal, and you’ll find more success than ever before. You’ll be reaping its rewards in no time, getting you in bed with a woman you’ve met just hours before.

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