Burlington Businesses Are Embracing Digital Media

By jamescburchill on January 23, 2011 In Business

Burlington businesses, like all local businesses, need to concentrate time and energy in their marketing. But with the rise of new marketing media it’s hard for businesses in Burlington to decide how best to spend their marketing dollars.

The good news is traditional marketing and new media marketing can coexist. In fact, new media marketing may be the solution local business needs. With new media marketing — such as social networking and social media marketing — it’s possible to truly track and measure the proficiency of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Of course, with customers using the Internet to find things versus picking up a print directory, it’s not surprising that more local businesses in Burlington are registering themselves with various online directories.

The benefits of listing your business in an online directory are many and include the following:

* Immediacy – showing your listing at just the right time

* Relevancy – your listing directly matches what the customer was seeking

* Richness – pictures, audio and even video in your listing makes for a much better experience for the seeker

* Content – online content is king, and ensuring your words match what the seeker wanted is critical. Digital directory listings enable accuracy levels unheard of prior to this new digital media

Many online directories are free and only require an email address to sign up to use the service. Other business directories have membership costs, and as you might imagine may offer premium services not provided by their free counterparts.

Getting your business found online is not as hard as you might think, it’s actually quite straightforward. It just requires a commitment of time to get your content published so your listing can be found by the many thousands of potential customers looking for what you offer!

Burlington Businesses Online is a free business directory that helps you find, promote, connect and shop locally in Burlington Ontario. Registration is free for businesses in Burlington. Logon today and have a look around, you never know who you might meet.