Burlington Businesses Are Networking Online

By jamescburchill on January 23, 2011 In Business

Burlington businesses are getting smarter. Each day a business in Burlington embraces digital marketing and is instantly able to boost their business online. Being catalogued in one of Burlington’s online directories means getting found more often by likely customers wanting to shop in Burlington.

The local Chamber of Commerce reports there are approximately 4000 local Burlington businesses with about 10% on Brant Street (Burlington’s main high street) and Internet research shows many thousands of people are regularly searching for Burlington businesses online.

Whether it’s social networking or face to face networking at a local event, getting the word out is key and that’s where an online business directory can be so very useful. Combining the ease of use and the power of search, many niche directories are springing up. The good news is that all this extra exposure is great for Burlington business owners.

Today marketing your business is a mixture of art and science and knowing where to spend your marketing dollars is quite the challenge. The good news is that modern marketing has provided the savvy business owner with a very cost effective platform, add to that the talent to track and report on effectiveness and todays digital marketing is a real advantage for business in Burlington.

With Facebook riding high and everyone seemingly talking about how easy it is to market your business it’s no surprise that some people are overwhelmed by all their options. While it’s true that Facebook does afford a great many advantages, it does have restrictions too. Branding and other personalization features are limited. Some argue that this very limitation is what makes it so dominant.

No matter how you choose to look at it, mixed media marketing — specially social networking and directory sites — are here to stay and incorporating them into your marketing strategy is a good idea. In fact, according to some experts it’s no longer an option if you want to be found online in today’s competitive local markets.

Remember, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, keep using marketing and advertising that works for you and yields a result. If you’re not tracking results – start. One advantage of doing business in Burlington Ontario is simply the support, both personally and professionally.

Last but not least, if you’re doing business locally you owe it to yourself to join at least a networking group like the local Chamber of Commerce however in todays digitally demanding and connected world we also advise you include an online social network and online business directory for maximum exposure.

Burlington Businesses Online is a free business directory that helps you find, promote, connect and shop locally in Burlington Ontario. Registration is free for businesses in Burlington. Logon today and have a look around, you never know who you might meet.