Can Positive Thinking Get My Boyfriend Back?- Get Off Your Butt And Take Positive Action-Thinking Alone Will Never Work

By BradleyBluesky on January 20, 2011 In Dating

Are you asking yourself “Can positive thinking get my boyfriend back?” There are many merits to positive thinking. Although the thinking itself can’t get your boyfriend back, the effects of you being positive and taking positive action for yourself can definitely help you out.

The reasons that men break up with women vary and all situations are different. But if you do want your boyfriend back, then you are definitely capable of doing so. First of all, start focusing your positive thinking on yourself and not your boyfriend. If you were thinking “He will come back to me” or “He will stop seeing the other person he left me for”, those are relatively positive thoughts but they are focused on him. Focus your energy on yourself. Think instead, “I am irresistible,” or thoughts like this.

If you’re not feeling particularly irresistible right now (highly likely), it’s because you have taken yourself out of the equation by focusing only on your ex boyfriend. It is time to get working on yourself. If you’ve been missing out on sleep and healthy meals, make sure you get back on track.

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and make sure you’re not staying up all night fretting over the situation. Sleep is a huge contributor to your emotional state. If you get enough you are calm and rational. Once you start getting low on sleep you can become hysterical and even distort certain events in your mind. Also, people who don’t get enough sleep are hungrier and heavier and they look haggard.

Start exercising if you haven’t done that. This can do wonders for those “positive” feelings. Also, whether you feel like it or not, you need to start getting out with the girls or other friends. And, most importantly, in this phase, do not contact your ex boyfriend. While spending time alone right now can be good for you, do not let it become a sulk session. Take this time to do all of those things you never had time to do when you were in the relationship.

Once you start to feel better about yourself, you will start looking better to others around you. Now is when you can start picturing yourself with your boyfriend again and how wonderful it will be. Think of your relationship without all the previous misunderstandings and fights.

Positive thinking towards yourself paired with imagery about your future relationship can go a long way. As time goes on and you feel more confident, you should be able to make gradual contact with your ex and start communication again. Many people at this stage decide that they don’t even want to pursue the relationship anymore. But if you do and if you play it right, you can have your ex boyfriend back in your arms again.

So, if you are asking yourself “Can Positive Thinking Get my boyfriend back?” the answer is yes, it can.

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