Cancer Fighting Cabbages

By jonleung8 on January 20, 2011 In Health and Beauty

Although cabbages aren’t up there on the sexiest vegetable option list, they are nevertheless some of the best low calorie, high nutrient foods around. Although the mighty cabbage has generally received short shrift by health and nutrition fanatics, this certainly does not reflect upon the cabbage’s effectiveness as a health and wellness staple.

Although cabbages are not therefore the most glamorous of food products-especially considering that many a dieters have been turned off for life after having spent one too many days on the cabbage soup diet-the cabbage is one of the best vegetables you can eat. So even if you are one of those people who swear they can’t stand to eat another mouthful of cabbage again, the benefits listed below just might be enough to make you reconsider.

Cabbage is a hardy vegetable that is fairly easy to grow. It is a cruciferous vegetable that is exceptionally high in fiber and vitamin C. It is also a rich source of a compound known as indoles. Indoles are currently understood to be a powerful and effective anti-cancer agent.

Indoles are especially being researched for their potential to alter estrogen metabolism in the body. Because some cancers are affected by the amount of estrogen in the body, the effects of indole (indole 3 particularly) in regulating it are of supreme importance. In scientific studies of rats, mice, and trout, researchers have found that indole 3 has the ability to decrease tumour susceptibility and that this decrease is related to the doses of indoles given.

Aside from these promising results as anti-cancer agents, cabbages are also good sources of vitamins A, B, C, E, all of which are essential components of a healthy diet. The health benefits of this miracle veggie are thus well known to nutritionists and dieticians
alike, even if the general populace is more cautious in their adoration.

Finding recipes that use cabbage is a great way to begin introducing this vegetable into your diet. Cabbage tastes great in a variety of salads and soups and can function as a great appetizer on its own, for instance, cabbage rolls. Finding a few simple tricks to introduce a little cruciferous cabbage into your life will certainly be beneficial, and perhaps even tasty.

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