Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with St. Patrick’s costume

By rocketsingh on January 21, 2011 In Business

The time when St. Patrick’s day was celebrated first in United State was in 1737, after that it has become a norm for the feast day of St. Patrick to be celebrated in the United state. There are numerous approaches with which you can celebrate the St. Patrick’s feast day; among these is the use of St. Patrick’s costumes. St. Patrick was named Maewyn when he was born. His birth place is a small village called Wales in 385 AD. He was not a Christian as he was raised by a pagan family of this village. At a very young age, Maewyn was sent into slavery. His peaceful Irish village was attacked and he was captured. This act was the foundation stone for what is celebrated today around the world, the day of St Patrick. A lot of St. Patrick’s costumes are available which you can recognize and partake in the celebration. The costumes varies from the ones that are made for adults to teens and children according to their choices.

It was in slavery that Maewyn learnt of the Christian faith and had a great interest in the Christian faith. He escaped from slavery into the monastery where he continued to find out
about the Christian faith for a long time of twelve years. It was at this time that he was baptized and christened Patrick. Today it is not a big issue to come across St. Patrick’s costumes that are in form of monk wears. To get converted into Christianity as an option of his, he made the decision to go back to his home and evangelize to the pagans there. This mission of his was successful that he was consedered as the Bishop of Ireland.

The easily available St. Patrick’s costumes consist of the priestly wears as well as that of a Bishop. He left the world on the 17th of March 461AD. Today that day is celebrated throughout the world as St. Patrick’s Day. Today there are usually a parade in New York to commemorate this day. The origin of this march can be traced back to 1962, when some soldiers march through New York to celebrate the feast of St. Patrick on the 17th of March. This march continued as is acknowledged to be the longest one that is found in united state. It is also the oldest form of parade that the civilians become a part of.

Individuals who participate in this parade search for suitable St. Patrick’s costumes to wear in the parade. Aside from the costume the St Patrick’s feast day present an option to share gifts with love ones, family members, buddies, acquaintance and colleagues. Aside from the St. Patrick’s costume, you can have a tradition Irish meal to mark the St. Patrick’s feast day. Irish meals that you can consider consist of Irish bacon, Irish Cabbage or Irish corn beef.

Another outstanding way to celebrate the St Patrick’s feast day is to wear a traditional St. Patrick’s costume and listen to folk music from Ireland coupled with some Irish beer. According to history St. Patrick use the 3 leaf branch to teach the mystery of trinity of the Christian faith. A green colored St. Patrick’s Costume would be suitable to use.

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