CityVille Guide

By stickjohn123 on January 22, 2011 In Ezines and Newsletters

When CityVille Guides started popping up I was pretty sceptical about the completel issue. I had never really played the game myself but I figured that there couldn’t be all that much to it. How much tactic could genuinely go into developing a virtual city? When I noticed all the hype about cityville and the fact that there were these guides I figured there must be something to Cityville after all.

Cityville turned out to be significantly more complicated and fulfilling than I had figured it would be. There are a lot of possibilities, buildings, crops and additions that you have so many decisions to make. The more I acquired into playing Cityville the more I recognized that the strategies involved were a lot more complicated than I had anticipated. I did not want to spend time using trial and error to get the finest possible city. I desired someone to do all that for me so I went out and bought a guide.

The guide I ended up buying is called Cityville Domination. I had heard some excellent things about it and it appeared like the most logical choice. Cityville Domination is comparatively new and they update it continually so it contains the most current additions to the game and will add new updates as Cityville adds new attributes. I wasn’t expecting too much from this guide as I have purchased game guides in the past the have just been common.

Cityville Domination nonetheless, completely blew me away! I had no idea how they could have so much detailed information, techniques and strategies when Cityville is nevertheless new.

As soon as I began implementing the Cityville strategies, tips, and tactics I went from a level 8 to a level 29 in only a week of reasonably little gameplay. There is an a lot more going on in Cityville than meets the eye and if you don’t do things properly you could be lacking out on countless coins and knowledge while playing more than you need too. If you are interested in getting the most out of your Cityville experience then I suggest choosing up a copy of Cityville Domination right now.

For those who have no idea what CityVille is, here’s a quick run down. The people who make the games you either like or love to hate on Facebook have a new one coming out in a handful of weeks. It’s called CityVille, which appears like Sim City without having the tornadoes or FarmVille with skyscrapers. You’re a city planner, starting with a plot of land and the capability to construct buildings on it. Zynga lists homes, post offices, fire departments, schools, restaurants and shops with the objective of producing money. They don’t mention crime or wretched subway service, so it’s not clear what the CityVille equivalent of dying crops or FrontierVille varmints will be. Civil unrest, possibly? The cities develop and upgrade of course, which is the major hook. The more you play the more creating alternatives you get, the more goods you can get and so on. The greater you do, the taller your headquarters.

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