Cleansing Fast – In 5 Steps

By victorrenew on January 21, 2011 In Health and Beauty

Cleansing fast is fine, but why is cleansing so important? And what’s with all the fuss about the 3 Day Detox?
Cleansing or detoxifying the body is remarkable because it helps do away with unwanted toxins and waste from the body that may be crippling and potentially lead to disease and other negative issues related to your health. There are many ways to cleanse the body, one of which is the cleansing fast we will discuss here.

Cleansing the body in five fast steps. The first step is the removal of toxins from your body. We are talking about removing toxins from your diet here. These are items you usually eat in a day, in a week or in month. Cleansing inside the body happens every day but you cannot expect the body to excrete it all out for you. That is why you need to fast and avoid the products that may harm to your body – food products such as coffee, sugar, alcohol and tobacco that collect free radicals that may lead to cancer.
Second, decide on what detox therapy you prefer. There are a lot of cleansing fast methods in choosing one, you must consider your style of living. Remember that this must help you detoxify, not add more stress. So here are two choices: Juice fasting or Water fasting. When you choose the option of drinking juice, this involves only fresh fruit juices and vegetables such as carrot, spinach, celery, cabbage, apple, pineapple and cranberry. The duration or the time frame for choosing this option is from 1-3 days.

Water fasting only requires water to be consumed. Water will dispose of the toxins thereby cleansing the body. Drinking at least 6-8 glasses a day, with or without fasting, helps eliminate toxins in the body. Aside from the fact that it cleanses your body, it keeps your body and skin hydrated.

Third, change the way how you eat and what you eat. You must start eating healthful and doing it right. If you always eat fast food burgers, fries and sandwiches – you have to cut back or better yet, eliminate that from your menu. Go for the nutrient-dense, whole foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid enriched flour and rice and go for the fiber-rich whole grains and brown rice instead.

Fourth, indulge yourself in a sauna bath since one of its advantages is detoxification. It also removes the chemical buildup in the fat cells. Not only may the warm heat help soothe and relax the mind, but you will also be detoxifying your body too.

Lastly, the fifth step is to brush your skin. What?! “Brush your skin” you say! Well, not literally. We are talking about exfoliation here. Cleansing fast not only happens within the body, but also without. Brushing, or exfoliating your skin removes old skin cells thus invigorating the lymph system and drawing toxins out of your system. To do accomplish this, you should brush or exfoliate your skin in a circular manner. Start at the soles of the feet and work your way up to the chest before you bathe for about 2 minutes. That’s it.
Don’t be dismayed. At first you may find this all a little difficult to adjust to, but soon enough, it will become easy and natural. Just think of the safeguard it will give you. The reward is surely worth the effort.

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