Cure Panic Attacks With These Helpful Tips

By DeanRaymond on January 21, 2011 In Health and Beauty

Panic attacks are caused by an anxiety disorder with physical and emotional problems. They can be very distressing to those who suffer from them. Medical experts that researched panic attack sufferers found that a great many of them had a gene called DUP25. We must let those who suffer from these attacks know that there is help available.

Never underestimate the power of knowledge and which triggers to look for when you have an attack. This can make the attack a little more bearable and end sooner.

The onset symptoms of a panic attack are almost identical for everyone. The chest begins to tighten and the throat which can cause breathing trouble. The panic intensifies because their heart starts beating faster, they feel lightheaded and dizzy and that combined with the feelings of dread and worry can make the sufferer feel like they are going to die. The bad feelings simply fuel the panic and can make the attack seem worse or even increase the severity of the attack.

A tightness or pain in the chest is the usual start of an attack as the sufferer believes that they are having a heart attack. The intensity and amount of panic attacks one suffers from will determine what medications the psychiatrist will prescribe for you.

One step you can take in reducing the severity and the number of attacks that you have is to make a life change. Eating healthier, exercising regularly and staying away from stressful situations can help prevent panic attacks. Another solution is to take prescribed medications that are known to reduce the symptoms of a panic attack.

With the knowledge of the symptoms of an attack some people can in most cases talk themselves out of the panic without the help of medication but other people who have severe and frequent attacks may need the help that only prescribed medications can provide.

Herbal and Homeopathic remedies are available for a lot of health issues including a natural treatment for panic attacks and anxiety. There are also techniques like muscle relaxation, yoga, and listening to music have been found to be helpful too in stopping a panic attack sometimes even before it begins.

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