Dancing Your Way to Fitness

By jonleung8 on January 21, 2011 In Health and Beauty

While regular aerobics classes may be less popular nowadays then they once were dance classes and classes that incorporate dance moves are increasingly coming to form the mainstay of many fitness enthusiasts’ routines. If you are a gym junkie, or even in you are new to the world of fitness, signing up for a dance class is a great way to vary up your routine or simply to give yourself a novel challenge. Because there is such a variety of dance like fitness options, there is no reason that you won’t find something that appeals to your individual tastes and fitness goals.

Ballet Basics. If you are new to dance and want to get a sense of the basic moves you may want to start with a basic ballet class for adult beginners. Ballet classes are offered by most community centres and YMCAs across the globe. Taking an adult ballet class will give you a good introduction to any other classes you may take in the future. More than this, ballet is also a great way to improve strength and flexibility. While you may not get the cardio workout you’re looking for, you will certainly tone those arms, legs and abs.

Latin Dance. If you’re less inclined to don a tutu, and would feel more comfortable in a more relaxed setting, you may want to try out one of the many Latin Dances. Perhaps your flavour is salsa, or the cha-cha. Perhaps you’d prefer another kind of ballroom. Whatever type you choose, Latin and ballroom dances are a great way to socialize and get some exercise. Bring a partner or meet one in the class.

Hip Hop. A Hip Hop dance class will most likely provide a high intensity workout. Not only will you learn one of the cooler styles of dance around, but you’ll be forced to pump it up challenging your heart and body. Hip Hop dance offers a great way to get in shape and can be a terrific way to tone the abs, butt and thighs. Try it out with a friend and enjoy the music and hard hitting moves.

The great thing about dancing is that you will be so focused on learning the moves that you will forget that you’re actually doing exercise. As the music moves you and you concentrate on remembering the steps you’ll be almost oblivious to your heart pumping and your legs flexing. Dancing will improve you body and your mood all in one. Music can be exceedingly uplifting and with the extra exercise your endorphins will be releasing double time. So try out a dance class the next time you hit the gym and let the good times, and the great results, roll in.

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