Did You Know This About Chinese Acupuncture?

By JamieBjork on January 20, 2011 In Alternative Medicine

Chinese acupuncture is vilified and misconstrued in Western culture as something that doesn’t work and is unpleasant. Sometimes movies just make fun of it. Our pop culture is not very kind to it. Nevertheless, acupuncture continues as one of the key sciences of traditional Chinese medicine. It is even protected by insurance money for remedies which can take care of concerns running from back pain to anxiety.

Acupuncture has been through an enormous upgrade because its first entry in the Stone Age. First, needles were used. Then, sterilized needles were used. Today, objects ranging from herbs, electricity, lasers, magnets, and software technology are being used to give the user the time of his life and heal his diseases at the same time. These brand new kinds of stimulation can easily create all sorts of feelings that are quite pleasurable in addition to curing diseases. These needles, and other things, stimulate points on the body called meridians.

Acupuncture is painless, in contrast to how it is described in the motion pictures. At worst, it’s just like plucking a hair. There may be a small sense of sensations running in the body like tingling or aching, but those go away quickly. Treatment is described as calming, and the treatments give the most benefit in the first ten or so minutes, but they steadily improve with time. Increasingly more sessions produce longer-term results. It is good to get continual sessions for acupuncture. There’s frequently a sense of well-being and relaxation so it is absolutely nothing to concern yourself with. Simply be flexible and accept the soothing feeling that is coming over the body.

Quite often, a treatment for one condition will instantly resolve an additional condition that you weren’t getting a treatment for. Such is the nature of alternative medicine in general, and acupuncture in particular.

There are a number of treatment centers throughout the U.S., and acupuncturists have to get licensed in the majority of jurisdictions because of sanitation, health, insurance coverage, and quality-control issues. In addition, insurance providers are more and more accepting acupuncture so they’ve to be licensed in order to be covered.

Acupuncturists get a poor rap, however you’ll find a number of clients, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and double-blind, placebo-controlled studies which demonstrate the efficacy of Chinese acupuncture.

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