Does This Domain Price Match My Budget?

By samdomainian on January 20, 2011 In Internet and Online Business

Can you find a domain on sale for a website that receives tons and tons of traffic already? An established domain can be very expensive, but depending on your needs this may be worth the cost. After all, consider the search rankings and traffic the domain already receives compared to starting with a new domain.

A myriad of reasons exist for why domain names go on sale. Domains can sometimes expire if the owner accidently lets it or if the company is now out of business. This can often be a great opportunity for your company to purchase an established domain. These sales are the best scenario for getting a good domain price because they are usually being sold by the individuals that host the domain and not the companies that own them. Companies attempting to sell their own domains will usually charge a lot for what they know is a golden domain name. They know the going rate on domain for sales, and will not charge as little as a hosting company would.

Your company’s website can benefit greatly from taking on an established domain sold at a discounted rate. A premium domain name will likely have a high rank in search engines. Ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo is often determined by the age of the domain. This is why purchasing a domain direct from the owners can be quite expensive. They know how well their page ranks and will charge accordingly. A hosting company only cares about getting someone else to pay them fees, so they will charge a lot less.

Buying an existing domain is likely your best bet when searching for a good domain on sale. Your domain will likely have many links going to it from review sites, affiliate sites, and personal sites such as blogs and Facebook. This will also boost your search engine rankings. Sites that are well known and easy to remember are the best kinds of ones to have. And since an easy-to-remember domain is a must, how much better it would be to get a simple domain that already gets lots of traffic!

Your budget will thank you if you manage to snag a discounted domain for sale. For those who need help finding the right domain, there are many services out there that specialize in finding expired domains and selling them to individuals who want them. Hosting companies often sell older domain names as well. It is important to do a fair amount of research before committing to pay for a specific domain name. The research you can do can range from merely checking the search engine rank for a site to things that are a bit more in depth. Also look into who owns the domain currently. When registering a new domain you can often go through the company of your choice and shop for the best price, but some older names are owned by a particular company and it is important to see if anyone still owns the one you want in order to facilitate shopping around.

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