English Bulldog For Sale – The Contract

By karlvcohen on January 20, 2011 In Pets

A lot of care & attention is required for them. However, what may be even harder is the part when you purchase an English bulldog. Ending up with a lot more trouble, as compared to that even without a dog, is something that may happen to you if not making the right choice. Even more worse things might happen. If you never dealt with dogs before, you will not know what is to be done and end up with a sick or a dieing dog.

Hence, both the breeder and the buyers are supposed to sign a contract – with a copy for each party – to prevent such unwanted situations. What such an English bulldog for sale contract must contain, is something which is very important to know.

First of all, you and the breeder will have to agree on the dog price and the shipping price. A mention of who is supposed to pay additional taxes, needs to be done. An extra cost in the form of dogs passport or customs taxes may be involved when shipping in another country. The contract must clearly specify all these things. Either before the purchase or in two rates – a part before shipping and remaining at order completion – may be the mode in which money has to be paid.

The next part is related to the health operations the English bulldog for sale went through. Vaccines and worming become the part of activities to update the dog. These are done both early in life and then on a regular basis. The health book of dog finds a mention about all these treatments. These treatments, in their entirety, are noted in a health book of the dog. The health book contains its name, date of birth, breed and various characteristics. When next should you take your dog for a new round finds a mention in the vaccines and worming information posted in the health book. The pedigree of the puppy, if any, also is mentioned.

The guarantee of the puppy is given in the English bulldog for sale contract. Taking their new puppy to the vet for tests within the first 24-28 hours is suggested for the new owners. Guarantee against any unpleasant situations later, which can be caused by any genetic problems, should also be provided.

Various obligations for the buyer may be included in the contract by the breeder, to ensure the good living of the dog. For instance, a part of the English bulldog for sale contract may relate to the updated worming and vaccines. Included in it may be the refunding options as well. Refusal to give back money may be done by a lot of breeders. Also, you may not be able to change your mind about the puppy you want.

Name, payment methods and possible risks from the puppy such as various diseases may be the aspects in the contract available for the owners.

If you do not want to forget anything, before signing the contract, it is advisable to hire or get a friend lawyer along.

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