English Bulldog Puppies For Sale – When Should You Get Them?

By karlvcohen on January 20, 2011 In Pets

There is a specific time you have to wait before taking them away from the mother.

The puppies are born in a very immature state, but the mother takes care of them with a lot of devotion. Most of the time of the mother, in the first days after giving birth, is spent in the lair. Taking care of the puppies so that none of them go away from her, the mother keeps licking the puppies and feeds them at short periods of time. In the first days, the English bulldog puppies learn to feed themselves from their mother. They eat the most during the sixth day, which is the most important feeding day of their lives. Before considering English bulldog puppies for sale, giving them time to learn how to feed themselves is necessary. No amount of trying can help you feed them like their mother does.

Either from hunger or when their mother leaves them or when they fall from the lair, squealing right from the first day of the life is what English bulldog puppies do. The mother goes back immediately when she hears these squeals. Sleeping, just as it does for human babies, takes up most o the puppies’ time.

A fast development of brains and sense organs happens for the puppies during the first days of their lives. Capacity develops, therefore, to understand various information. More mobility and a lot of interest in the place they are living in, thus comes next.

After about four weeks of life, the English bulldog puppies start moving easier. They explore the surrounding areas and the games they play become more intense. The objects around become more and more interesting. Particular spots, outside of their layer, are used for urine and excrements. They prefer the places where there already is the smell or sign of previous such “work”. If the breeder keeps them indoors, after about 8 to 10 weeks, they must be taught to keep the house clean.

This then, becomes the optimal period for sale of English bulldog puppies. Vaccines should also have been done for them by this age. It becomes imperative to leave them next to their mother now for a while. The path to becoming robust and safe mature dogs gets tread upon apart from development of senses during this time.

You’re your and the breeders job as well. Unfortunately, in order to become rich faster, various breeders take out their English bulldog puppies for sale from their first days of life and that is completely wrong. The time thus left for the puppies to learn how to start their lives and develop themselves, is less. Help from the mother is the only way out now.

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