Favourite Children’s Fancy Dress Ideas

By ShellyBarnes on January 20, 2011 In Fashion

It’s a fact, children enjoy dressing up, whether going to a birthday party, taking part in a play at school, or simply acting in their own world at home, dressed up as their favourite cartoon character or superhero.

Many younger children will be mesmerised by a lot of the excellent cartoon characters created by Disney. Watching TV programmes, commonly the Disney Channel, provides awesome enjoyment for young children, and will make them want to dress up like their favourite cartoon character, whether it be a dazzling princess costume, Mickey mouse or many of the alternative choices.

Young children will also share a great interest in famous television programmes, such as bob the builder, peppa pig and postman pat. There really are endless possibilities to achieve a children’s costume which your child should enjoy.

As your child gets older, they will strive to dress up as characters from more mature television programmes, notably Toy Story characters such as Woody or Buzz Lightyear being firm favourites. For girls, it’s still similar themes as when they were younger – fairies, princesses or witches.

If money is short, you don’t need to purchase a complete fancy dress costume online for your kids. You can easily create many various outfits using items found in your home, coupled with some costume accessories which can be bought for a fraction of the price of a complete children’s fancy dress costume.

For example, you can recreate a robot costume utilising boxes that are you have stored in your garage or attic, wrapped in foil film. Cut each box to size to fit your child’s arms, legs, body and head. Complete with marker pens to define the costume to be more realistic.

Or using old fabric or curtains, you can easily design a robe for a prince’s fancydress costume, and make a crown out of coloured foil and cardboard. Or you can use the material to create a cape and use a plain tee shirt with water based washable colour paints to create an unique and custom made superhero costume.

Creating fairy costumes can be more troublesome, but there are many affordable fairy wings available to purchase online, which will improve any homemade costume to your child’s satisfaction.

Making a childrens fancy dress costume shouldn’t be troublesome or cost you alot of money. You can buy boys or girls fancy dress online, or use some of the tips and ideas here to provide a unique and homemade outfit for your child.