Getting A Girl to Love You – Four Vital Factors that Most Guys Overlook

By ABuch2210 on January 20, 2011 In Dating

If you like a girl in romantic way, you naturally want her to return the feeling. However, things don’t always work smoothly, especially if she just thinks of you as a friend or doesn’t even know that you’re exist! Actually, it is not something to be stressed about. You can attract her naturally and win her heart by doing several simple things:

1. Get her to know you

You can’t date a girl that doesn’t have any idea that you’re exist; so if you’re in this kind of scenario, the initial step is introducing yourself to her. Don’t think about making a fabulous first impression or things like that; just have her to know your name is already a good beginning. Use your friends, work with her friends, or use any kind of situational circumstance to create a chance to introduce yourself to her.

Do some research about her activities and hobbies. This way, when you “accidentally” bump into her, you already got something to discuss.

2. Be a great listener

There is one thing which makes it hard for guys to become a good listener: we have strong habit to solve problems! Sooner or later when a girl is comfortable enough to talk about her stories with you, you should SHUT UP and listen. It may be a ridiculous story or it could be issues that could be fixed quickly with our “men’s logic”, yet hold yourself from judging her or bursting a stream of your “smart solutions”.

Indeed, you might feel the urge to cut her stories and tell her “the correct thing to do”, but you need to fight that urge. Usually, girls are just searching for someone to share about their days and issues. If you are can keep paying attention until she finishes her stories, you already 1 step ahead from the rest of the men.

3. Flirt and tease

If you can do tips #2 sucessfuly, you already something among all the other guys, but that alone is not enough to build romantic sparks; you need to tease and flirt with her from time to time. Flirting and teasing in regular basis will show her that you’re attracted to her in romantic way and you can virtually read her feeling from the way she response to your teasing.

Look closely at her daily activities, behaviors, favorite accessories, hairstyle, etc and use these in the conversation to show her that you know her good enough. Naturally, use them when you’re teasing her too.

4. Get her

Don’t stay in the “special” friend zone for too much time. Observe the signals. If she displays interest, close the deal and proceed into a romantic relationship. If she isn’t showing any interest or if you are not sure about how she feels about you, find a good time and say it anyway. Indeed, you could have an unpleasant rejection, but it still better than stepping back and wondering about her real feeling for the next 5 years. Besides, there is always a possibility that she actually wants you too; you probably simply missed the signs.

And those are 4 steps to get a girl to like you. Point #3 and #4 are especially important, so make sure you pay attention to them in your every action. Also, don’t act needy and clingy around her. Never seek for her approval and hold strongly to your beliefs. Those are the quality of a real man that will win any girl he wants

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