Google Affiliate X Review by their Beta Tester

By narenchamkhil1 on January 20, 2011 In Arts and Entertainment

Google Affiliate X Review ::
As most of know, the golden way to make bucks online is affiliate marketing. What is it you ask? Its all about promoting someone else’s products and when an user purchased it, you get a commission!

The main task is getting users to VIEW your offer. Around a decade ago, it was very easy to make yourself “viewable” to hordes of people looking for something. But these days, the competition is so fierce in this day of recession with people looking for more sources of income.

In such a difficult time comes a software that will give YOU the edge…


THE GOOGLE AFFILIATE X!! (Also known as Gaffiliatex)

Here are some of the queries users asked me, and my answers to them….

What is the Google Affiliate X??
It is a program (actually a pretty complete system) that will auto-create niche websites for you, wherein you put your affiliate links and begin earning a Mammoth laid-back income!!

How do you use it??
Its super-duper easy!! You just configure the Google Affiliate X Software to YOUR desired output, and it will roll sites out so fast, you wouldn’t believe it! Of course, the sites will be ready for SEO!

Does it need a lot of experience?
If you can open an email, you can make this earn money for you!!

But how can I make money with it??
The sites that you create are configured to include your affiliate links right, so this software then sends a HORDE of hungry buyers to YOUR sites, and when they use your affiliate links, YOU make a he** lot of money! 🙂

Has anyone made any money with this??
YES, I am myself a beta tester of the product and you can see my detailed results on my specially dedicated blog. —–> Check my blog link below to see my tests.

How much does it cost??
It costs faaaaaaaaaar less than a dinner!!

Are there any additionaly offers with the product??
YES, I am myself giving out a MEGA 1758$ Bonus for users buying it from my link. You can see the bonus softwares I am giving for FREE below. Just click the lnik to visit my blog and view the bonuses.

MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: Is it really so easy to make money with this software???
The answer is NO, you do have to work a bit to configure the software, select which products you want to promote (which the software also does infact!) and some other things. But the ratio of “your work:software work” is more like 1:9!! So you do have to work that last 10%! But when you do, you WILL earn….and A LOT!

Anyway, the Google Affiliate X goes LIVE on 1st March, 2011, and since the system is so powerful, the sellers do not want this to fall in the hands of thousands, as it will completely saturate the market. Hence, they are only selling around 300 copies of this.

So go NOW to their site and register yourself so you can get this before it sells out!

Go to their official site now ****Copy and paste the link below in your browser ****
Official Site Link —->


Go to my blog to find how much money I made, how i tested it, and MY 1758$ BONUS here **** Copy and paste the link below in your browser ****
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My Last word on this = My Google Affiliate X (gaffiliatex) Review now comes to and end, but I just want to tell you that….

….Yes this WILL make you money ! BUT, you WILL have to put in the 10% efforts for the software to do its 90!


Naren is the official Beta Tester of the Google Affiliate X software. He has been testing this software since October 2010. Popularly called as the “Review Guy” his various sites present honest and unbiased product reviews to his readers. Visit his Google Affiliate X Review Site at —> Google Affiliate X Review