How homework helps

By DavidGreth on January 21, 2011 In Education

Homework is a great way to get involved in your child’s education, and reinforce what they have learnt in school. It is important that parents are aware of what their child is learning, and get involved as much as possible. By keeping up with new topics as your child is learning about them, it helps you to be able to implement them into your everyday routine, and help them with any problems they may be having.
The time spent on a child’s homework does not necessarily reflect them achieving more. More important to this is their understanding of the topic. It is crucial that they do not just get through the homework to get it done, but that they understand it enough to do it. It is a regular question between children and their families ‘What did you do in school today?’ This could be one the most important ways of helping your child. It makes them think back through the day and remember exactly what they have done, make sure you show interest and ask follow up questions to this as well.
Here are some further top tips for helping your child with their homework.
– Find one area that your child can use every day to complete their homework.
– Make sure this space is a clear flat surface with a good soft light for them to work under.
– Ensure your child has all the correct equipment for their homework in this area, and do not need to run about trying to find a pen or pencil half way through.
– Arrange a time, and agree it with them, that this will be their homework time every day.
– It can sometimes help to find some way of rewarding your child, for example they cannot go out to play before their homework is done, or all homework has to be finished before dinner.
– Discuss your child’s homework with them before they start, so they know exactly what they have to work through.
– Do not let this time become like work or a chore, try to make it fun, and see it has time to spend together.
– Do turn off the TV or move away distractions, but do turn on music, this often makes a child relax, as long as it is not distracting for them.
– If your child gets stuck, do not give them the answer; show them how to get it instead. is a learning environment that enables children to learn effectively, while having fun.
We offer schools the chance to utilize our ‘edutainment’ system which involves class and individual prizes for pupils to aid in the improvement of grades, overall school OFSTED performance and a system that can be used in conjunction with whiteboard technology on a daily basis.
For the parent we offer the chance of additional tutoring at a fraction of the cost, using a system that your children will enjoy using. You will be able to track your child’s performance on homework and set your own tests for the holidays to aid your child’s ability to succeed.