How Overexposure To The Sun Speeds Up Skin Aging

By trucemind on January 21, 2011 In Acne

Photoaging is the cumulative effect of being exposed to UV radiation from sun for several years. These accumulated skin damage are caused by the damaging effects of UVB and UVA wavelengths. Although UVB wavelengths only account for a small portion of the whole UV radiation from the sun, it’s nevertheless very significant as it is the most reason behind photoaging, also for sunburn and skin cancer. UVB is many times more powerful and effective in causing harmful changes to the genetic material. Even though UVA rays comprise most of the whole UV radiation of the sun, it will solely cause 10-20 % of the total damage that the sun will produce.

The results of photoaging can start very early. Sun spots or otherwise popularly called freckles will start to appear. Wrinkles are the widely known effects of photoaging. If you spend more time under the sun, early appearance of wrinkles will surely ensue. Rosacea will additionally appear on your skin. These are broken capillaries that dilated below the skin and it will look like a net of little threads. When the skin is exposed to extreme heat, the skin will only not produce wrinkles, but can conjointly start to sag. Sagging skin is the proof of elastin (that holds cells together) breakdown.

Those are just some of the results of photoaging. These effects can result in more serious skin complications if not treated. The simplest way to combat photoaging is prevention. The application of SPF fifteen or higher sunscreens to vulnerable areas can be a great help. There are a number of skincare solutions will efficiently treat or reverse a number of the effects of photoaging. There are many skincare corporations who are producing photoaging skincare preparations. You can consult your dermatologist if you wish to try these skincare solutions.

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