How to Create Backlinks – 2 Methods to Build Backlinks Promptly

By anjingu10 on January 21, 2011 In Internet and Online Business

Building backlinks is an essential approach in search engine optimization. The far more the backlinks, the much more the opportunity to get ranked greater in search results. In this article, I am going to clarify how I build backlinks to my websites.

a. Choose 5 – 10 search phrases and make a list of websites that got ranked #1 for these keywords and phrases.

Go to Yahoo web page explorer and paste the url of your competitor. You may then get a list of backlinks of their sites.

Go to every of these sites and post your url. From my observation I found which you can post in 50% of these sites. For example, if your competitor has 500 backlinks, you could quickly discover 250 links where it is possible to post your link too.

You are able to outsource this procedure.

In case you need to know the page rank of these links, you can use

This approach may be the quickest and most effective solution to develop backlinks.

b. Prepared created packets: You get Angela backlink packet containing 30 links of PR4+ for $5 per month. These packets are excellent. But you uncover that your links are removed right after a couple of days.

You’ll want to post your links properly in these sites.

1. Upload a picture within the website that you are trying to post your url.

2. Once you generate an account within the web-site, write some lines about oneself in the “bio” section.

3. Leave comments on other posts within the internet site.

When you follow the above process, your links will not be removed. Test the links and accordingly choose when you really need to invest your dollars on these packets.

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