How To Dog Train In 7 Simple Steps

By JeffDutta on January 22, 2011 In Pets

Perfectly trained pets are normally a lot more pleasant as companions. In fact they act far better in front of family and friends too. Hence training a dog is an important and important job to undertake. Still you must remember that when you are finding out how to dog train it would be wise to attempt it a non violent, beneficial yet useful method. Thus for all dog owners the below techniques needs to be followed in order to get a well groomed pet.

1.Be positive: it is essential to apply the tool of positive encouragement while training your puppy or dog. Throwing some treats when he responds your command would help keep in mind the training and repeat the same actions on future occasions.

2.Friendly and firm: Each time you are providing orders like come, heel ensures it is in a joyful and pleasant way. On the other hand instructions like sit, stay should be done in a firmer voice.

3.Start young: When you are learning how to dog train, you must also be certain when to start as well. The ideal time is to start when the puppy is about 6 to 8 weeks. Yet keep in mind that a dog is a smart animal and it’s never too late to train him a new trick.

4.Do not punish and be violent: It may be very tempting to hit your dog when he is disobedient; however it is not an advisable action. Hitting a dog is not the good thoughts which can be provided in case of puppy advice. On the contrary he would get scared of you and not come to you while you call him.

5.Be patient: perseverance, consistency and endurance are the identity of the game. If you think impatient even before starting then do not make an attempt! This is because your dog will know your emotions!

6.Short stints of training: Keep each session of training as short as fifteen minutes if simple instructions are concerned. When he has properly passed the company then be lavish and praise him. After your training session, play and have some fun with him. The second option would make him anticipate andawait training sessions.

7.No kind of distractions: when you are involving in how to dog train occupy a quiet and peaceful place. Actually if there are other pets, keep them way.

You must keep in mind that dog training is an enjoyable activity so you need to like it too. You should bond well with your pet and in exchange you will get a well trained and lovable friend!

Puzzled how to dog train? Well you are in the exact place. Come to us and we will give you outstanding dog training suggestions and some good puppy advice as well!