How To Organize Your Storage Unit

By CharlesVienase on January 22, 2011 In Uncategorized

If you ask me, organization is very important when it is for your storage unit. I do not think you want to be messing around in your huge storage unit when you are trying to find something. I know I wouldn’t want to! Your storage unit should not be used just to throw stuff into when you don’t have space left in your house, of course, unless, you want it for that! But still, it should be organized. When you have to get a very important document for work out of your storage unit one day I don’t think you want to be looking around for hours! This article is going to simple teach you some good basic tips on how to start organizing your storage unit.

Tip Number One – You definitely have to calculate the exact size of your unit. Doing this will tell you how much space you currently have to use, how many items you can put in your storage unit, what items you can put in your unit, and how much space you have left after your first initial packing. This is an extremely important step because of those exact few reasons. Also, there are many guidelines available in books or on certain web sites. Just start doing some research and you will be fine!

Tip Number Two – Always place small enough items in furniture drawers. Think about it for one second, furniture drawers are spaces that would otherwise not be used and would be wasted in you don’t use this exact step. These drawers provide a lot of extra and use full space that will definitely come in handy! Also, you should always note the contents on an inventory list of yours.

Tip Number Three – Literally just organize your entire storage unit! Plan and map out your every move. Write down on paper exactly what you want to do so you can remember all of your important steps. Think about what you want to put in each corner. This is extremely important. I suggest putting your largest and most valuable items in the four corners of your unit. This will be the best way of keeping your most precious things out of harms way. Items that should go in your four corners should be couches, vases, lamps, paintings, posters, tables, chairs, and any other large valuable items. This step will also allow you to fully map out how you are going to complete your entire storage unit. This should be like the popular game tetris!

All in all, organizing your storage unit should be a very hard task but also a very important task to you. It definitely is not going to be an easy thing to do, that is for sure. To speed the whole process up a bit, you should also get a little help from your friends and/or family when starting this process. I hope you learned from this article and please do yourself a favor by starting to organize your storage unit. Thank you very much for your time.

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