How To Remove Facial Scars

By NeilRoth on January 21, 2011 In Arts and Entertainment

Even though the most common cause of facial scars is acne, you may have scarring on your face due to accidents, surgery that require stitches or burn wounds. Chicken pox also leaves its marks on the face. You can hide the facial mark temporarily by clever use of cosmetic to camouflage the blemished area. But this is not a permanent solution. To effectively remove facial scars you need to do something more.

Any kind of marks on the face cause a lot a stress and trauma as well as lowers self-esteem. Even though there are many cosmetic procedures for scar removal, they are not usually beyond the means of ordinary persons. So what is the easy way to remove facial scars?

1. There are some natural ingredients that remove these facial blemishes quite easily. Rosehip oil is one such ingredient. This natural product is extremely beneficial for all kind of skin blemishes. Rosehip oil not only removes scars, it also rejuvenates the skin by removing any facial wrinkles and keeps the skin supple.
2. Taking vitamin C and E supplements also help in generating healthy skin and repair the damaged skin. This process helps a lot in fading the scar. Both of these are great anti oxidants. So taking these supplements not only removes facial scar, you get a brighter and soft and supple facial skin.
3. Regular exfoliating with natural ingredients also help fade scar by removing dead and damaged skin. But be gentle as the skin on your face is very delicate. Take a tea-spoon of crushed almond powder and mix with fresh cream. Apply this mixture to the affected part. Rub gently in circular manner. Wash off with cold water afterwards.

Since the scar area is very sensitive, take care to avoid direct sunlight. Use a sunscreen lotion while going out. Keep the scar are well moisturized to prevent itching and scratching. Scratching will aggravate scarring by causing skin infection.

So you see just a little bit of care will really help fade facial scars the easy way. The secret of its effectiveness lies in being methodical and regular in taking care of your scar. You must have heard often that the best way to treat a scar is right after the wound has healed. But let me tell you one thing. Proper care of the wound prevents and lessens scarring. In fact right treatment of any break in the skin is the first and the most important step in scar treatment.

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