How to Remove Pimples

By allanpooh78 on January 22, 2011 In Acne

Is pimples one of you major problems? The reasons behind what causes pimples are fairly common knowledge nowadays. However, learning how to get rid of pimples is usually a hit and miss condition, especially for the teenagers nowadays.

Why is that? This is because skin reacts differently with the use of various products or ingredients. There are those whose pimples are triggered by exposure to dirt, lack of sleep, stress, monthly cycle and sometimes even the food we eat are linked. However, that doesn’t mean that you should give up the fight. Following are some alternative remedies on how to get rid of pimples that may interest you in the event that your chosen method doesn’t work.

Natural Methods
Before going for the expensive methods, why don’t you try the cheap ones first? Not only do they work but many have already tried it and are satisfied with the results.

Baking Soda and Water
When mixed together forming paste, baking soda and water are excellent for drying out newly formed pimples. Done during the night, the mixture is placed on the face, left there for a few minutes and then removed. What baking soda does is dry out the skin itself, removing clogged dirt and excess oil from the face. Trying it out, you’ll find that results can be immediately seen overnight.

If you want a fast drying pimple, you can also use non-gel toothpaste. In fact, they are quite effective and take effect faster than most methods. The paste is simply applied on the affected area and left overnight or for a few minutes on the face.

Salt and Vinegar Paste
Another combination that stops acne is salt and vinegar paste applied to the skin every night. Leave it for thirty minutes after application before removing.

Warm and cold water treatment
Did you know that warm water opens up pores while cold water closes them? The theory is that by washing your face with warm water first; the pores are allowed to loosen, making it easier to remove dirt through facial cleansers. Once the dirt is removed, the face is then washed with cold water to close the pores and prevent the intrusion of other bacteria on the surface of the skin.

Other Alternatives

Cleansers and Creams
What causes pimples are excess oils and dirt on the skin which are basically the main targets of cleansers and creams. Unlike most home remedies which aim to get rid of pimples by drying them out, various facial scrubs are honed into removing the dirt and allowing the pores to breathe out. However, finding the salicylic acid ingredient in your cleanser would be ideal if you have decided to go for the commercial products route. Currently the best know skin cleansing material, it is even better than benzoyl peroxide which until recently has been the most widely used cleanser ingredient.

Oral Treatments
Of course, you might also want the help of pills prescribed by dermatologists. Some of them are actually very effective. On the downside, some people have noticed that stopping the treatment usually leads to a more severe case of pimple breakout.

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