Hypo Venture Capital: How Much Money Is Needed for Retirement

By HypoVen on January 20, 2011 In Business

Most early- and mid-career workers see retirement as being far off in the distance. While retirees spend their days relaxing under swaying palms and contemplating how thankful they are to be out of the rat race for good, the reality is quite different. Today, people are retiring later and finding the need to save more money to live comfortably after retirement. No two ways about it, the longer people wait to retire, the more comfortable their lives will be.

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How Much Money Does a Person Need to Retire?

How much money a person needs for retirement depends on a variety of factors including desired lifestyle, location, retirement age, anticipated social security payments, and perhaps even medical needs. While some experts predict a person may need anywhere between $850,000-$1.5 million to retire comfortably, the amount is different for everyone all over the globe.

In order to determine exactly how much a person needs for retirement, numerous retirement planning and financial websites feature retirement calculators. Using a retirement calculator, the person enters information including desired retirement age, expected social security payments, current age, current annual income, and life expectancy. The results show the total amount of money needed to retire comfortably factoring in inflation.

The Bottom Line on How Much Money is Needed for Retirement

Bottom line, people should begin saving for retirement as soon as possible, preferably in their 20’s. The age of retirement varies; but if the person waits until age 70 to retire, he or she will enjoy a comfortable retirement. The amount of money needed for retirement depends on a variety of factors and is different for everyone. But with careful retirement planning and the use of a retirement calculator, people can live out their Golden Years more comfortably.

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