Immune System Tools

By Craig Q.Rabinowitz on January 21, 2011 In Health and Beauty

People get sick throughout the year but the winter time seems like a really difficult time of year for the immune system. It’s not like the name “flu season” wasn’t given to wintertime for a reason. The colder weather, the harsher conditions-they all help with a weakened immune system. It’s difficult to fight off the flu while you are fighting to stay warm. It is really hard to keep the colds away while you are jammed on the inside of a stuffy house or work space all day and don’t have access to fresh air. Cold and flu germs apparently breed faster in a house that keeps the windows closed all the time. Here are a couple of things that you can do to help out your immune system.

Regular exercise is important. Regular training can make you sweat and boosts your endorphins. Regular exercise makes it possible to stay physically fit while maintaining your weight and it strengthens your immune system at the same time. The endorphins that rise through your whole body don’t just help keep your feelings elevated during the cold and dark months of winter. They increase your immune system’s energy which help it defend against infections and illnesses. There are actually studies done that say people who exercise five out of seven days a week take half as much sick time as people who don’t get that same level of exercise in the winter.

Massages are excellent. Do you really require an excuse to treat your self to a daytime of pampering? Swedish massage, especially, has proven useful in fighting off infection. A massage will power up the cells within you that fight against illness and raise your blood circulation at the same time. Not only that but buying a forty five minute Swedish therapeutic massage will let you relax. When you don’t have a bunch of pressure weighing you down, it is easier do to all sorts of things!

During “flu season” you might be tempted to lock yourself from the world. After all, the less social interaction you have, the more unlikely you’ll be to come into contact with flu and cold germs right? Technically that is accurate. It is also accurate that social interaction with pals enhances your feelings. There isn’t really any scientific proof as to why the immune system functions better when you’re happy, but it does. You want those afternoons stuffed with friends and fun to remain healthy. Your pals can’t be avoided. There are many things that can be done to combat whatever germs you pick up but there isn’t anything that replicates the endorphins and chemicals that get released when you’re having a fun time with friends.

Keeping healthy over the winter season doesn’t have to be complicated. The point is that some of the things you might be thinking of steering clear of are the same things that can help you stay healthy. Of course, when you get all excited about a different type of immune booster, talk to your doctor. The suggestions your physician gives you about staying healthy during “flu season” might surprise you!