Information about Clocks for Your Garden or Outdoor Patio

By CMYarbrough76 on January 20, 2011 In Home Improvement

One of the main differences between garden clocks and regular clocks is that garden clocks or outdoor clocks often come with built in thermometers. The obvious reason for this is that while working in the garden, it is useful to have an accurate understanding of weather factors that affect the growth of your plants. Temperature is one of the most important of those factors. Some plants will thrive or fail depending on the temperature of the environment. This is especially useful in greenhouses where the climate must be controlled a little more precisely than in regular outdoor gardens.

Another major difference that you will find with garden clocks is that they often come with barometers. Barometers are instruments that measure the humidity or the amount of moisture in the air. Since this factor affects most plants, having a garden clock that provides humidity levels is quite useful to many gardeners. Like temperature, humidity is especially important in environments such as greenhouses where the climate is more controlled. However, even with outdoor gardens, it is helpful to know at a glance, what the humidity is. This will affect the amount of water that your plants will need in order to thrive.

The last feature that sets garden clocks apart from typical indoor clocks is the way that they are constructed. Often the designs use resilient exterior materials so that the device can better withstand the elements of outdoor climate. Garden clocks are more resistant to sunlight, moisture, rust and physical impact than household clocks. These exteriors usually include artistic features to accent a garden area as well.

Garden clocks come in wide varieties of styles, sophistication and features. You may find that due to the nature of their construction and their added resilience to the elements of nature, they tend to be a little more expensive than normal clocks. However, there are many different clocks in wide ranges of price so do not be too alarmed. Given the huge selection online, you can usually find that there are quality garden clocks to fit any budget.

A garden clock is an excellent feature and focal point that can enhance the beauty of any garden, greenhouse, patio or other outdoor space while providing much needed additional functionality for garden enthusiasts. Some of the more popular styles include hanging clocks that mount using ornate metalwork frames and brackets, traditional wall mounted models, pedestal mounted clocks, sundials and classic train station designs. Unfortunately, most home and garden centers do not carry near as wide of a selection as the large online stores but a quick search on the internet can put everything you need to make your decision right at your fingertips. Shop around and see which clock will be the perfect fit for your garden.

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