Keurig Coffee Units And University Life

By JacaboJacobs on January 21, 2011 In Restaurant Reviews

Being a school professor has its benefits. One of them is learning what youngsters are into.

So when one of the parents told me she was getting a Keurig one serve coffee system for her college daughter, a light went off in my head. It occurred to me that kids, both high school and college age students, are drinking more and more coffee. In the past this would never happen.

When I attended college, very few students were drinking coffee. Now, they are connoisseurs of the stuff. I didn’t notice when our high school yearbook had a coffee theme two years ago. Students are showing up every day with their Starbucks, Carribou, and Java Joe to-go cups grasped in one hand as they try to clutch the books in the other hand.

In the back of the storage center we have had a Keurig coffee maker. It was there where the perks of this system came into light.

There is no contrast in the taste of the coffee even though it does cost a little bit more than the coffee you would obtain at a grocery store.

I usually save money by buying on the internet but I still pay more than at the grocery store. But I cannot put a price tag on the flavor. It is great… every time.

My pal mentioned to me the coffee system that her daughter took to college. The girl was telling her mom how magnificent the unit is because they don’t have a kitchen at school. They are in no way late for class because they can without difficulty take one cup of coffee to class without worrying about the mess.

This is a great alternative because students are usually on a really tight budget during school. A sunrise cup of coffee would cost them about 4 dollars. Now they are essentially saving money by brewing their own. For both students and parents it is a win-win circumstance. The kids are receiving their coffee and the parents are cutting back $100 or more each month. As a mother, you can even put a Keurig single serve coffee maker bug in Grandma’s ear. This is a really awesome way for the grandparents to help out and it would make it really easy to know just what to get their kids.

What’s on your counter? To enjoy a single cup coffee maker you don’t have to be a college student.

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