Kidney Infection Causes Information That Many Don’t Know

By ricswason on January 22, 2011 In Health and Beauty

It is hard to know the symptoms of a kidney infection. But if they are not treated on time, they can even cause death due to blood poisoning. They first cause blood poisoning which turns to kidney loss and ultimately the death. This is why the infection of kidney involves the risk of life.

Here are some of the symptoms of kidney infection. The first one is painful burning feeling during urination. This is basically the symptom of the urinary tract infection. But this if untreated, can lead you to the infection in kidney.

The Second of the symptoms of kidney infection is the pain in lower back many times covering the waist. It could be either a dull or a sharp pain. It could be like punching or could be like stabbing.
The third of the symptoms of infection of kidney is fatigue. People suffering from repeated kidney infections get this symptom hit suddenly. Without any other prominent symptom you suddenly get exhausted to the extent not able to open your eyes.

The fourth of the symptoms of infection in kidney is fever. Low in the beginning rises with the infection.

So it is alarming if you observe some of these symptoms with you. Immediately seek medical help. If the doctor thinks that you have a kidney infection, usually the most effective sulfa drug will be prescribed for you. Even you are using the sulfa drugs from years; you can develop an allergy for it. If you develop some rash or any other side effects, you should immediately inform the doctor about it so that he can supplement you with the antibiotics.

Now one must think of avoiding the infection in the kidney. Don’t just go on the beliefs popular among the people but refer a doctor for the same. The doctors are of the opinion to have more and more of liquid everyday. To be specific one must have at least 8 glasses of water everyday. A proper amount of rest is a preferred one.

You must take the symptoms and the infection of kidney very seriously. You must take proper rest with intake of plenty of liquids. You must not expect yourself to be recovered very fast; in few days. Make a note that even a mild kidney infection takes two weeks to recover fully. So in this proportion, a severe infection can take months to recover. So give your body the time it requires to recover.

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