Lead Net Pro Is Certainly The best Tool for Generating Marketing Leads

By RichardCharles on January 21, 2011 In Marketing

The brand new “Hybrid” Extractor, Emailer, plus Phone number Broadcaster resource, Lead Net Pro, was already released in Mid-October from Dan Miller. For anybody wanting to have the ability to create thousands of cost-free business leads easily and quickly, this is actually the ideal tool.

When generating business leads we must consider the quality in the lead – otherwise we’re totally wasting our own time. Using Lead Net Pro we’re able to create high quality leads quickly and easily plus we’re able to connect with these leads nearly as easily.

Here are the features Lead Net Pro offers:

Extractor – All you have to do is actually enter a keyword and key phrase and this will extract e-mail addresses and phone numbers from Search engines like google, Yahoo, Craigslist, and other web sites. Wihin minutes you can have a targeted list of e-mails And also phone numbers all downloaded into a.CSV file for you. Setting Lead Net Pro apart from other tools on the market is that it is approximately 98% accurate and runs on your own domain instead of your desktop, therefore saving your computers precious sources for more valuable assignments.

Emailer – You can deliver around approximately 8,000 email messages each day with the Lead Net Pro Emailer along with the the built-in emailer. And also all these emails are delivered out of your very own domain’s e-mail server.

Phone Broadcaster – Phone Broadcasting is one of the most effective strategies that may be used to market any small business. Make no error, all the key players use it and if you are not really taking full advantage of phone broadcasting you are leaving tons of cash on the table.

The Lead Net Pro Phone Broadcaster’s rates are almost half the cost of their competitors (1.8 cents per minute, billed every 6 seconds, with no minimum call time) and their system is easier to use that any other software online.

As far as the compensation program goes, Lead Net Pro pays out more commission rate than any other tool on the market I had experienced simply by a long shot. Their particular payment on a $397 sale is exactly $300 cash which get’s deposited directly into account. Your own payment receiving options consist of PayPal, Alert Pay and even more.

Plus, they also pay out a one-time $300 pass-up when someone that you signed up creates his or her very first sale. There is a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to market this tool because you can use Lead Net Pro to reach out to people using the other tools online that are out of date.

Lead Net Pro is the best tool for marketing your online business opportunity