Lose Fat and Get Truly Healthy

By jossiejett on January 22, 2011 In Health and Beauty

It may almost be harder to lose fat than it is to lose weight. Have you ever met a person who has lost weight but still looks fat? Don’t end up like this. Stop spinning your wheels and get serious about a fat loss program now.

Changing any habit including diet is hardest during the first few days. This is normal for anyone. The problem arises as intense cravings take over. On top of this, we are bombarded with the marketing of light foods or fat free foods that do not work. Often, these foods are no better than their regular counterparts. (Think about it – will “light baloney” help you lose weight?)

Obesity is an epidemic in America with 68% of the population considered obese. This pattern is not reducing, but growing. Many times it is blamed on genetics, hormonal imbalances, poor diet, or lack of self control. However, with all our science, nothing is working to reduce weight, including diets and weight loss drugs. It is time to hear the truth so you can lose fat now.

For the past years, you have been misinformed and misguided. For example; you get fat from eating too many calories. If it were this easy, you wouldn’t see so many people starve themselves and not lose weight. Another flaw with this thinking is that all calories are not equal. You will not lose fat with a diet of 1200 cookie calories, for example.

“All fats are bad” is another lie you have been told. Some people still believe that avocados make you fat. Now doctors know there are different kinds of fat and some are necessary. In fact, if you do not consume “good fats,” you may be subject to a range of health issues from hormonal imbalances to depression and heart disease. The truth is that good fats like Omega 3’s and 6’s are necessary for good health and they help you lose fat!

An important fact that you should know is that your body needs help clearing waste such as excess fat and weight. But this is hard to believe with all the lies you may have been told. In a recent major publication, a “board certified nutritionist” claimed that you can eat what you want and your body can cleanse out what it doesn’t need.

This statement should make you angry because you know better than that. He is trying to convince you that you can eat anything and your body will eliminate it on its own.

Every day, this is proven to be wrong. Too many of us are overweight and cannot lose fat. The fact is that if you over eat, your body doesn’t eliminate the excess, it stores it. This is excess weight which is waste. You need to help your body eliminate this. But you need more than just changing your diet. Here’s why…

Many of today’s foods are processed and full of the chemicals used to process them. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t have the genes to tell it what to do with man-made chemicals. This can cause problems since toxins such as chemicals and heavy metals can be stored in the fat and fluids that surround fatty areas.

The truth is that your body needs help cleansing. As your body becomes over-burdened, it cannot do what it is made to do such as eliminating waste or cleansing. It is proving to be true that stored toxins can make it more difficult to lose fat. Recent studies have uncovered the truth that certain toxins interfere with hormones and can even mimic hormones.

Now for the disgusting news – humans are animals and all animals get parasites. We want to believe that because technology is so advanced and chemicals are abundant that we are immune to this problem. If this were true, then why wouldn’t we be immune to virus and bacteria? We know these exist and harm us, for even though we cannot see them we take precautions using anti-bacterial products or take antibiotics to fight them.

So think about it – why are we addicted to junk food? Why is it so hard to overcome cravings? If self control is the issue, wouldn’t mankind have died off due to eating ourselves to death? Here’s what is really happening; your body is out of balance due to foreign chemicals and pathogens that you are not aware of. Some doctors claim these toxins can accumulate in and around the hypothalamus throwing it off balance and inhibiting its function. This in turn will cause your body to store more fat.

If you are serious about losing fat then you need to eliminate what is making you fat. You can help your body cleanse by eliminating junk or processed food, eating more fresh vegetables, fruits and unprocessed whole grains and drinking plenty of fresh water. Find a fat loss cleanse or colon cleanse to help you get healthier, feel and look younger, have more energy and lose the fat for good.

Learn how a real fat loss program works and Lose fat now.