MLM Guide To Leads – Build Your Down Line For Bring home the bacon And Fortune!

By RandyLewey on January 21, 2011 In Arts and Entertainment

One of the key skills needed to develop a network marketing business is the skill of being able to generate a steady supply of good quality prospects (also known as leads). This MLM guide to leads will give newbies some advanced techniques to help them get started in this often confusing area.

A very popular starting point is to deliver flyers and distribute business cards in a person’s home area. This can then be developed into shop window advertising and putting ads in local papers and similar publications. This is a popular method as it is quite stress free, someone who is interested will read the advert and then contact the distributor for more information, rather than the distributor having to initiate contact themselves.

Another approach which costs a lot less and has a much better success rate when done well is the personal contact method. This is usually known as the “3 foot rule”. Essentially this is consideration anyone who comes within 3 feet of the distributor, and trying to get them interested in the product and/or opportunity. This is a very effective technique when done well, however, many people especially newcomers find it very difficult to get into.

Online lead generation techniques involve finding a way to get prospects to visit a distributor’s website. Once at that website they can be given lesson about the parent company’s products and the business opportunity available. A cheap way of doing this is through article marketing. The distributor will write a number of interesting articles about the product and/or the business opportunity and distribute them to a number of sites. At the end of each article will be a link inviting the reader to visit the distributor’s site for more information.

Using social media, for example sites like MySpace, twitter and Facebook and doing things like keeping a blog at the online version of the 3 foot rule. Using these sites a distributor can start a conversation with potential prospects. The recruiter can form a relationship with prospects and slowly drip feed them information about the product and the outlook. This means that when the opportunity is formally presented these are warm prospects rather than cold ones.

The online version of newspaper advertising and flyer delivery is pay per click advertising. The recruiter will pay a small advertising fee (usually pennies) every time their advert is clicked on and somebody visits their website through this advert. This form of advertising must be used with caution as costs can build up quite quickly.

Another common way of finding leads is to contact a lead broker and purchase them. This method guarantees an almost endless supply of leads. But it is important to do careful research on any lead broker company to make sure that the leads they supply are going to be good ones. When the right broker is found this method can offer a huge saving in time and be good value for money.

There is one very powerful point to bear in mind, the techniques in this MLM guide to leads all depend on the ability recruiter taking action. These techniques must be worked in order to generate the leads and the prospects must have the business presented to them to generate new recruits.

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