My Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back – 3 Questions Before You Decide Anything

By RemyScher17 on January 20, 2011 In Relationships

“My ex boyfriend wants me back and he’s serious about it!” It should be a great news and it might be want you want all along, but somehow you feel a bit of doubt about this. Before, all you had to do was be depressed, but now you’ve got decisions to make. So, what should you do when your ex wants you back?

Have Things Truly Changed?

An essential thing to ask yourself is whether or not it’s likely to be different this time. Think thoroughly – Exactly what triggered the break up? Is that problem will be resolved? A few couples get back together again and things are great for quite a while; then, all of the old problems come sneaking back, and you’re right back where you started.

If he wants you back, it does not mean that everything’s good again. You’ve both got to work through the problems and get them solved this time if you wish to be happy together again.

Who Is In The Driver’s Seat?

This is another really important thing to ask. You’ve been doing your thing, but now HE wants YOU back. So, is he the one calling the shots? Before you say yes, you’d better think about things a little bit. If he’s in total control of the situation, this is not likely to be healthy for you. You really don’t want to be like his pet collie; when he snaps his fingers, you come running.

Get a minute to be honest with yourself and ask: “Is this what I really want?” Your emotions are flying at this moment, so get into a peaceful place to think about it. Furthermore, look at the long term and consider if this is a great idea.

Do not Reluctant To Ask “Why?”

Why does he wants you back? This is a truly significant question, and it’s going to help you decide if it’s the right thing or not. He had a reason for breaking up and you should uncover what happened to that.

Plenty of guys, particularly younger guys, leave because they’re scared of commitment. This is a key problem for men for some reason. Perhaps he wants to “play the field” a bit more; perhaps he needs time to think alone; or quite often, he’s just scared, doesn’t know why, and needs to run away. After a couple of months of missing his girl, he realizes that he was an idiot and comes back.

How to Get Back Together And Make It Work This Time

Getting back together and being happy isn’t as easy as simply saying “yes.” This time you have to make it work. One thing you can do is to give it a “trial time.” Get back together, but make a few conditions. Don’t spend too much time together. Observe how things go before you make a major commitment again, so you can make sure he’s serious.

This time, make it different. Concentrate on the issue or issues that caused your break-up, and commit yourselves to working it out. If you really want to get back together and make it work, you can do this.

Also, keep in mind that communication is really an important factor. Most of the time, break up happens to couples who is lack of communication. Communicating well will help you solve your problems. The next time he feels like leaving, he’ll talk to you and both of you can work it out without all the heartbreak and drama.

Having him back doesn’t imply the problem that caused the break up is solved. Read saving a relationship to find out how to recognize relationship problem and fix it. In addition, read why women dump men to find out your true reasons for broke up with him before.