Natural Acne Treatment

By allanpooh78 on January 22, 2011 In Acne

Currently, there are various acne treatments available on the market, ranging from laser treatments, facilitating skin regeneration, pills and the traditional creams and cleansers. However, what most people seem to forget is that there are equally effective natural acne remedies that are definitely better for your wallet. Following are natural acne treatment options you can use.

Fresh Garlic
Yes, you read it right. Fresh garlic is actually an excellent way to control acne and remove pimples without them leaving a mark. Just rub the garlic on the pimples every day until the pimple is removed. Of course, you might not like the smell of garlic on your skin but the result is definitely going to be worth it.

Honey and Cinnamon
A mixture of honey and cinnamon combined until pasty in texture should be applied to the skin prior to sleeping. When the next day rolls in, you can wash it off using warm water. When done solidly for more than two weeks, the pimples would gradually disappear, leaving no trace of scar behind to mark the skin.

Baking Soda
Some people also recommend a mixture of baking soda and water applied on the face. You can apply this mixture on your face as often as you like. Eventually, the combination of the two dries the skin, absorbing excess oil and thus preventing the emergence of new pimple and drying out existing ones.

Tea Tree Oil
One of the most common natural acne remedies is the use of tea tree oil on the skin. Deftly use a q-tip to dab on the pimple before falling to sleep and it will be able to dry out the irritation overnight. You can also use virgin coconut oil for this purpose.

Avoid sugar
Sugar has been linked with spikes in hormone which invariably triggers the emergence of pimples. This is the theory behind chocolates as foods that cause acne. In some way, this is true. Too much body sugar levels may cause the body to overproduce hormones that consequently results to a pimple break out. So although indirect, sweets are still capable of affecting your skin.

Avoiding Pimple Break Out Triggers
Natural acne treatment methods are well and good, but keep in mind that the best way to treat acne is learning to avoid it in the first place. So make sure to stay away from late night and bad hygiene since these are possible stressors.

To keep your pimples from spreading, make sure that you don’t touch them with your hands. Popping them to remove the pus would also be a bad idea. The minute that you notice a pimple, it would be better to immediately apply your home remedy so that it won’t get worse.

Try to remember that effectiveness of these remedies is not one hundred percent. Hence, if you are using the methods mentioned above and it is still not working for you, then your best course of action would be to visit your dermatologist for a more professional opinion.

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