New Credit File – What You Should No about A New Credit File

By The CreditConsultant on January 22, 2011 In Finance

You have probably seen advertisements online and during late night television offering to sell you a new credit file. For a few hundred to even a few thousand dollars, these companies claim they can create a new credit file and identity for you. In most cases, these are scams designed to prey upon financially challenged individuals who feel they have no other option than to start fresh with a new file.

Usually, upon applying for a retail store card or loan, the company in which you applying with asks for your social security number. It is this number that ties you to your report and your history. Claims that you can get a new credit file are simply stating that they can possibly help you obtain a new social security number. This is a false misconception.

The only opportunity you have to obtain a new social security number comes from the federal government, not from a private company. Even then, your current number must contain the numbers that would be against any religious or superstitious reasoning and you must prove the change is valid. (For example, having the numbers “13” or “666” and a religion that sees these numbers as a bad omen would be acceptable.) For many, this is simply not the case.

Thus, the only true way to improve your credit file and “start fresh” is to pay off old debts and pay on time for current ones. As time goes on, this combination can dramatically improve your score. Now that you are empowered with new information, go out there and apply this knowledge.

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