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By DouglasDemet on January 23, 2011 In Blogging

Out On The Edge Or Down The Rabbit Hole

I don’t know how it feels to you but if there is any one group that is alive and well it is the “Time Bandits.” I think we can lay this squarely at the feet of technology. Response time is a vanishing luxury. When I first entered the advertising world, several decades ago, we had three weeks to put ads together. When I left, the joke was we had three hours.

In this new environment we are all being forced, like it not, to rely on our intuition, to trust the process by committing to a course of action not knowing how the components will come together. And this is happening on a large scale. General Motors committed to the Chevrolet Volt electric car manufacturing process knowing that the battery had not been designed, but trusting that it would be when it was finally required.

If we must follow our intuition or begin action trusting that the right components will show up when needed, this territory becomes more important than it ever has. What are the maps and what are the rules? The hope for this site is that it will be a place to report on the challenges of figuring out the dicey area of intuition versus desire, what seems to work and not work, how synchronicity can be a helpful tool. Maybe this is one of the reasons the social media are becoming such a comfort. we can all hold hands in real time.

The further hope is that by sharing these experiences, the processes will become more concrete, more reliable and more natural. It seems like Jung’s, “Collective Unconscious,” or Rupert Sheldrake’s “Morphogenetic Field” is where some of the the answers might reside.

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