Online Watch Movies: The Best Places On The Web

By JerroldTrubold on January 20, 2011 In Arts and Entertainment

Going online watch movies is only getting more popular as time goes by. The Internet has spawned a number of sites that provide content to meet the increasing demand. While things are changing rapidly as companies balance between free and paid access, everyone should be able to find a site that fits any need.

Of all the services out there, the larger streaming sites are definitely the most popular. On these sites, users can search for movies and watch them streaming almost instantly. Users often post their favorites. One downside is that they are often in parts, divided into sections of ten minutes apiece. This means that every ten minutes you have to click on a new link to proceed.

A bigger downside of using the more visible sites is that most of the content is copyright protected and posted without authorization. So, from one day to the next, it is next to impossible to know if a particular film will be up. Until these sites develop more, watching complete motion pictures will remain in flux.

Similar sites have also sprung up. They offer streaming videos, but with the blessing of the content providers. Several similar initiatives have sprung up recently. While these sites offered a free trial for a while, many now charge. Other sites have followed similar models. Still other sites are going down alternative paths.

Some more obscure sites manage to post content without attracting as much attention. A small problem with going this way is that many of these sites are defunct or don’t work as well as the bigger sites. Also, many sites with new releases are published in languages other than English. This is a barrier, but one that some persistent users do not seem to mind.

Now, classic films, in contrast, do not face the same obstacles. Ever since the copyright has expired on a large number of movies, they can be used, shared and manipulated without the same legal difficulties as new content. A quick search will result in hundreds of pages with older flicks. These sites, for the most part, are here to stay.

Downloading is also a possibility. Some paid sites do offer stellar services, and they can give users peace of mind when they download. Internet surfers can also take advantage of large P2P networks to trade files. Torrents now account for a huge percentage of the content shared online. The major problem here is that it is only legal in certain areas. It is up to the individual to make sure that it is legal in their area before downloading.

Eventually, we will see changes in this realm, hopefully for the better. As sites and content providers work together, content will become more available, whether on a pay-per-view basis or through advertising. In either case, while we wait, the Internet still continues to churn out the content we crave when we get online watch movies.

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