ORDINO : Ski Resort in Andorra’s Pyrenees Mountains

By zakkre on January 23, 2011 In Arts and Entertainment

Ordino is at 8 km north from Andorra la Vella. This village is 1.300 meters above the sea. A typical destination for mountain vacation in the Pyrenees Mountains, it is extremely cold in winter, thus becoming a great ski resort. During the spring and summer seasons an explosion of colors occur in this beautiful area and the old taverns and streets offer to the visitor an enchanting and unforgettable vacation. When not in winter, Ordino is excellent for excursionists that love trekking, where the village is more quiet and nature offers all its beauty. Casamanya Peak is above Ordino and while ascending it one can enjoy most beautiful landscapes. A Romanic church from the 13th century, the council and the ruins of La Meca Castle are great places to visit.

Ordino is great for biking as well, for taking photographs, for enjoying nature and for cultural visits. One example is the Post Museum, the Museum of Miniatures and the Iconographic Museum with artistic orthodox and Christian icons from the 16th to 19th centuries. Near Ordino is a beautiful forest called Bosque de Segudet, excellent for biking, trekking, and other activities. Ordino then becomes a great spot not only for skiing in winter but also for many other activities in different seasons.

Ordino has 25 ski slopes and is famous for its snow quality. The highest area in Ordino reaches the 2.620 meters above the sea, and because of the situation of this village, the snow comes here much earlier than in any other ski slopes of other areas. It has also 28 snow canyons, 26 km of ski slopes and a quantity of ski lifts and chair lifts. Excursions are available with snow motorbikes.

The sports center in Ordino offers activities and relaxation with several swimming pools, sauna, Turkish baths and spa. Fishing is also possible in Ordino, as well as mountain hiking at different levels.

How to get to Ordino:

From Andorra La Vella:
From Plaza del Princep Benlloch, take the first street to the right until Carrer del Doctor Vilanova. There is a traffic cirle. Take the third exit towards Carrer del Prat de la Creu. Continue straight along Carrer de Bonaventura Armengol and then through Avinguda del Consell d’Europa. Cross the branch and at the traffic circle take the fourth exit.

Continue straight towards CG-3/CG-4 and then take CG-3. Pass over 4 traffic circles.
Turn a little to the right in Carretera General and continue straight along Carretera General.
Then at the traffic circle, take the second exist towards CS-340.
Enter the traffic circle.
Ordino is after the traffic circle.

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