Pirate Sword Replicas and Flags for Stage Movie Props and Sword Lovers

By kevinkobwebb on January 23, 2011 In Shopping

Are you looking for a unique, authentic, affordable pirate sword to add to your collection? There are so many swords to choose from, it’s hard to know which one to start with. There are plenty of swords to pick from.

Some pirate swords are movie replicas from famous film pirates. Others are historical remakes from pirates of days gone by. Whichever you prefer you’ll find the pirate sword for you. Choosing a pirate sword is easy if you know what to look for.

Movie Prop Replica Pirate Swords:

The world’s most famous pirate isn’t Black Beard anymore. It’s Captain Jack Sparrow. The good (or not so good) captain’s sword is actually a cutlass. It has a curved handle and what is called a blood groove in the blade.

The tip features a pirate’s skull and cross bones emblem. Captain Jack’s cutlass comes with it’s own scabbard that’s also beautifully made. This bronze plated blade is the perfect show piece for any collector.

Take a look at Elizabeth Swann’s sword. Her slim cut lady like sword is truly exquisite. Elizabeth’s sword is 36 inches long and made of stainless steel. It comes with it’s own matching leather scabbard. The scabbard has two fantastic ringlets to use for hooking on to your belt. This fun and functional sword is a great collector’s item. The ladies will love it!

Sao Feng was also featured in Pirates of the Caribbean. His sword is a Chinese pirate sword made of stainless steel. It measures 35 inches long and has an image of the raging sea on the blade.

This sword is in the style of tsuba a particular Chinese sword. The hilt is cast in the image of a lotus flower and treated with beeswax. If you are looking for an unusual piece, you should choose the sword of Sao Feng.

There are other swords in the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Be sure to look for the swords of these famous movie pirates. Especially the sword of the vicious sea Captain Barbarosa, it’s a worthy pirate sword to own.

The Cutlass:

The cutlass the true weapon of a swashbuckler. Usually a cutlass features a sharp blade with a curved tip. Many cutlasses also feature what is called a blood groove. This is an extra scary feature! Traditionally, as pirates ran through a victim with his sword the blood would pool in the groove and make his sword turn red.

A cutlass is also known for it’s unique handle. The handle of a cutlass features a curved cover rather than just a plain handle. The curved cutlass handle protected the pirate from losing a hand while fighting with swords. Although a dangerous weapon, the cutlass was also a lovely one. It’s delicate appearance and lightweight feel made it a natural selection for some pirates.

The Scimitar:

The scimitar is an elegant sword from years gone by. It’s an authentic blade used by actual pirates from history. The scimitar has a curved blade and can be rather lengthy.

A realistic scimitar would have the curved blade and tip along with a wooden handle. There are a lot of scimitars to choose from and it’s easy to find one that really speaks to your personality. Choosing a pirate sword for your collection is easy if you know what to look for.

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